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Been working on this for about 4 months now and its at a stage where it can be used. It’s still a little buggy and needs UX work but most of the basic features are in and working currently. Would be super helpful if people could try it out and report any issues or feature requests in the issue tracker https://gitlab.com/pikatrack/pikatrack/issues

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      There will be federation with ActivityPub in the future but I haven’t added that yet. You can subscribe to this issue if you want updates on that feature https://gitlab.com/pikatrack/pikatrack/issues/32

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        Interesting idea!

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      Congrats on shipping! I’m loving all these new (potentially) ActivityPub powered apps. I’ll be keeping an eye on PikaTrack.

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      Very cool!

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      This is dope! I’ve been syncing my GPX files to my personal instance of NextCloud. Maybe having a backend storage in WebDav to sync data?

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        It should be fairly simple to write a quick bash script that could post new files to the pikatrack api. Its all JSON and fairly simple to use (Not documented yet though :L)

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      Would like an option to see in miles as well.

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        Just added that to the issue tracker https://gitlab.com/pikatrack/pikatrack/issues/47