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    Display information about HTTP status codes web

In this GitHub repository, you can find my small Shell script for displaying information about HTTP status codes.


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      Blatant self-promotion is generally discouraged here for new accounts.

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      On my BIG TODO list is a project to write man(1) pages for HTML tags. Same issue, I’d rather not Google for stuff. I believe a big reason for software complexity is the ability to Google stuff. If documentation was given priority to be available offline in a digestible format, I believe software would be less complex.

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      One of my ex colleagues wrote https://github.com/dnnrly/httpref for a similar purpose and it looks pretty good.

      I generally go to ie https://http.cat/429

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      Oh, that’s sweet, I hate when I need to Google status code, thanks!

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        Yeah, that was the motivation for this project :)

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      Just want to mention that you can also put a text file in /usr/share/misc/http.status which can be queried with grep.

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        I prefer scrapping MDN because they have up-to-date documentation and great examples.