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    I’m currently rewriting my nhl 94 stats site and considering vue for the client. The first version of the site used next to no JS on the front end. I think this time I will go a little heavier, but I still want it totally usable with JS disabled. Vue seems like it may fit in well for that. As some may or may not know, I wrote and maintained a large dashboard application in Mithril over the last 2+ years. The reason I’m not considering Mithril at this point is because I already know it!

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      I appreciate it’s really early in the process, but I’d love to hear both 1) why you were looking beyond Mithril in the first place, and b) how Vue compares, if you actually decide to adopt it. I’ve been torn about Mithril in the past; I love its tight size, but it ultimately seems to have roughly the same model as Vue, but with drastically less tool support.

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        1. I just wanted to use this as a learning exercise, something new. I know mithril pretty well, inside and out after 2 years with it (and upgrading from 0.x to 1.x)

        b) From what I can tell, vue doesn’t do as much as Mithril (and neither does react). That’s actually why I chose Mithril initially for my previous dashboard work. It had enough that it wasn’t trivial, but not so much that it was bloated. You can still read the entire Mithril source in a couple hours and really understand it. I would absolutely recommend it. I never found a lack of tooling to be an issue.