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    I find it hilarious that people suggested both “more marketing” and “less marketing” as ideas for improvement.

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      I dunno, if you ask 5,368 people a question, you’re likely to get some contradictory responses :)

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        Note that both were “strong themes”! A few contradictory responses is natural, contradictory “strong themes” are not.

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          Maybe the combination should be interpreted as “different marketing”?

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      I’m interested to see more about the bad interactions with the community. While I don’t agree with the evangelism of the community, as a whole they are usually knowledgable and helpful.

      As I potential Rust user, I personally have been less repelled by the overall community than by snarky remarks by core developers. When speaking with those who don’t agree (or sometimes don’t understand), certain developers adopt a defensive and often aggressive tone that is less than inclusive. Some appear to just adopt that sort of tone by default, regardless of interactions. While I’m sure these are smart and kind people who want their project to succeed, their online personas and interactions instead drive me away.

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        I’d be interested in hearing more about this, if you’d like to contact me privately. Or, as always, feel free to reach out to the mod team as well.