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    for folks, like myself who did not know what ‘Dolt’ is

    “.. Dolt is a relational database, i.e. it has tables, and you can execute SQL queries against those tables. It also has version control primitives that operate at the level of table cell. Thus Dolt is a database that supports fine grained value-wise version control, where all changes to data and schema are stored in commit log. “ [1]

    [1] https://github.com/liquidata-inc/dolt

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      Dolt is git for data. It has the same command line as Git, but it versions tables instead of files. And it adds a couple other commands for the database part, like sql for running a SQL shell against your tables, or sql-server for starting up a MySQL compatible server to connect to.

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        n. A stupid person; a dunce.
        To waste time foolishly; behave foolishly.
        n. A dull, stupid fellow; a blockhead; a numskull.

        Unfortunate name.

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          It’s an homage to how Linus named git:


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        Does go-mysql-server try to emulate mysql exactly, or is there a plan to improve SQL standard confomance?

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          The goal is to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL, with local testing a significant use case. Emulation is not an explicit goal, especially when it comes to reproducing behavior that is widely agreed to be incorrect, but generally speaking the server should behave identically to MySQL. This view could evolve over time – the goal of the project is to be a useful SQL engine for people who are familiar with MySQL, not to be an exact bug-for-bug clone. The main area where behavior will be strictly identical is parsing and dialect specific grammar.