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Mod edit: No text, just the feature request in the title.

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    As discussed in the announcement, your browser is selecting dark mode, probably based on your OS setting. I didn’t attempt to be exhaustive (we see a lot of odd user-agent headers) but you’re probably covered. I know there are extensions like Stylish for applying custom per-site CSS, perhaps there’s also one available for a per-site toggle.

    As discussed in the comments on the announcement, an on-site setting would require that someone volunteer to write the feature. If you’re new to the codebase, maybe drop by the chat room, there’s usually someone familiar with it during US daytime that could help with questions.

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        After undertaking a personal journey to meet CSS where its heart is, I have deployed your PR. Thanks for implementing this!

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          Thanks for volunteering! Couple smallish comments and hopefully we can add this user setting pretty quick here.

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          The light mode UI on my phone is simply an atrocity. The dark mode lobsters was hard to swallow, but it’s not bad, though I do prefer the light theme. Thanks, @danielrheath!

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          As an aside, I really love it. Sometime ago I wanted to bring in a greasemonkey script to load pushcx’s css and just never got it done. Super impressed and happy with the work that was done. Much appreciated.

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            Thanks! (I did those PRs.) I like how dark mode turned out after revising it with everyone’s feedback, and I think following the OS theme via the media query is the best default behavior. Nonetheless, it was clear from the bikeshed thread that an override setting would make some people happier when using one of their favorite sites. I’m all for it.

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              Thank you for your positivity and receptivity to feedback even in the face of criticism. :)

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                The buck butthurt stops here.

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            The Firefox config link referenced in the announcement (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1271928) worked for me to disable dark mode as inferred from the OS or window manager (Ubuntu w/KDE).

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              Yep, if you’re on firefox this is definitely a good alternative.