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I’ve always been a fan of discussion on mailing lists - I much prefer them to these new fangled web-based forums.

What are your favourites? I guess I’m looking for those that may not be that well known, but which have good discussion about topics that interest Lobsters users.

To get the ball rolling, here are a few of mine:

Update: I’m thinking more of discussion mailing lists (see my favourites), not newsletters, but the latter are useful to share too.


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    Just in case any new users aren’t aware, Lobsters has a mailing list mode where you can receive all stories (including a plain text version of the story’s content) and threaded comments, and you can reply to comments through your e-mail client to post them on the site.

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      The full text versions of stories are a killer feature of mailing list mode. Kudos to @jcs for adding such an awesome feature :)

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        How is the progress on the (physical) Lobsters mail mode?

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          Waiting on a pull request to use Lob (no relation) to mail out posts.

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            This is exciting news!

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          I’m now using and enjoying it.

          One thing; it would be great to attach images inline; eg the maze article doesn’t work at all without the images. PR welcome?

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          I subscribe to and enjoy several lists by Cooper Press: https://cooperpress.com/

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            It’s low traffic these days, but uk-crypto http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/ukcrypto

            and the devops list http://www.devopsweekly.com

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              It’s not computer related, but I really like the Sweet Maria’s Coffee homeroast list. Low traffic, but nice chatter about that seed sludge I crave.

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                I think it might be a bad idea, but is anyone interesting in starting a list of lobsters? The reason it’s potentially a bad idea, of course, is because we already have topical discussion here–not sure a list would add anything…

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                  Hmm, interesting suggestion. I think an often-offtopic-but-still-relevant general “geeks” mailing list can work well. Lobsters is tightly focussed but having a more loose forum for the same community sounds good to me.