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    Back in the old 2d days we used to cheat by automating clicking on the minimap to get around. They fought that one by just subtly randomly rotating the minimap a couple degrees off from reality so you’d wake up and you’d just be standing in a corner on the other edge of the world. I always found that technique pretty hilarious.

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      It’s remarkable how long this battle between botters and the bot detection system has been going on. Jagex claims to be banning thousands of bots per month. More details here on the backstory, written from Paul Gower, one of the creators of RuneScape, just over 10 years ago: https://imgur.com/a/eAuN6uT

      As an additional aside, not only has this ongoing battle led to more sophisticated botting techniques to “win” at the game, but reverse engineering the game client has in and of itself led to the creation of “private server” communities. Jagex hasn’t open sourced the RuneScape server software, so players have gone off and written their own server software instead, based on reverse engineering the game client code to understand the game’s protocol.

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        The issue with bots are bad game designs around non-fun gameplay i.e. grinding. You only want to bot the grind. If the game is fun there’s no point in botting because you are playing to have fun.

        When you have to kill 1000000000 boars to progress obviously it’s only gonna be bots doing that.

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          That’s not the only reason people use bots. If your game has a market, someone is going to game the market. If your game has PVP, someone will want top tier PVP gear without earning it. And if your game has other people in it at all, someone is going to figure out a way to grief or harass them.

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            i agree - whether the game is fun or not is not the important factor here, it’s the existence of the open market that leads to these issues. (If there’s no market, then bots don’t negatively effect the experience of other player as much either)

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            Automation like this will emerge in any online space with competitive elements. For online games, this means competition for economic or social standing. If a leaderboard exists in some capacity, someone will begin finding a way to cheat it, and botting is one way that manifests.

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            runescape bot detection is somewhat notorious for its false positives – there’s a significant community of innocent players who have been falsely banned for botting and unable to appeal! if playing the game legitimately puts players in danger of irrevocable bans, perhaps aggressive bot detection effectively makes botting the only real way to play the game…

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            Apparently, Runescape decides if a player is inactive by solely looking at the heuristic data sent to the server by the client, even though you can play the game just fine.

            But you never told us afterwards how you solved that problem. Or is there a catch why you can just send your network commands and don’t have to deal with the mouse stuff anymore, which - as stated above- is required to not get logged out ?!

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              Looking at the screenshots they might just re-login every time ?

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              this methodology lead to an interesting observation