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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I’m working on my next newsletter post for https://sliceofexperiments.com where I’m experimenting with GPT’s ability to answer trivia questions.

      There’s all this hype recently specifically about using GPT to replace search engines which I think is simply false. Before running the experiments, I predict that GPT will not be that correct with it’s answers.

      Can’t wait to try it though.

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      Gonna get a root canal tomorrow—at least the first visit in a multi-phase process of removing nerves from my teeth. Can’t say I’m feeling enthusiastic.

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        i got 2 root canals done, on my front two teeth, after i got in an accident a few days ago. it hurt a lot less than what the doc made it out to be. not having the nerves is so much better, you’ll get through this!

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          More it’s the amount of time. Doc said I have particularly long roots (whatever that means) and it may take up to 5 or 6 visits instead of the usual 4. I just got out and my mouth is a slur of saliva and I can’t feel anything yet.

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            good god, hope you feel (better) soon!

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        Well if it’s any consolation, I’m going to an endodontist soon to get a root canal redone so I know how you feel :) Hope it goes well!

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          Thanks. In the office now. I feel like this is the result of an improper filling a couple months prior. It kinda shocked me. Hopefully the local anesthesia is strong.

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      Someone was kind enough to cover my on call for a few hours, so I’ll be hiking! Nice and snowy trails right now!

      Also finishing up a small personal website for my sister, and I’ll be adding ANSI code escaping to my fuzzy finder to fix a few places where I’ve been measuring string length incorrectly.

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      I’m struggling with cross-compiling one of my Rust projects (z-tokens), and as soon as I depend on any library that uses anything more complex than a basic .c file all hell breaks loose (especially if autotools is involved)…

      So far I managed to cross-build (from Linux) to OSX, Windows and Android for both X86_64 and aarch64 (i.e. ARM64), but the whole experience is an exercise into frustration… :)

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        One tool I’ve found to be extremely useful when cross-compiling rust + C is cargo-zigbuild. Zig probably already includes the toolchains you need

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          Yes, I’ve seen that tool, however I wanted to learn how everything works so I’ve just went the low-level way and played with the osxcross project (that is in the end used by many of these, except cargo-zigbuild that seems to not use it).

          However for plain Rust code I bet every solution out there works just fine. But I bet every such cross-building project would just hit a wall with more complex C/C++ based libraries. (For example one such library for me was libsodium that failed to properly ./configure for Windows and aarch64 OSX…)

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        Sounds like a lot of fun! I had to do some of that stuff at $work too. Ended up having to make sure I rust rustls everywhere rather than OpenSSL, because cross compilation is easier when building static stuff. Rust makes it pretty easy, tho. Have you seen this? I just stumbled across it recently. Also have you been able to built for M1/M2 macs?

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          Thanks for the pointer, I’ve added it to my reading queue.

          If I’ll hit another roadblock with cross-compiling for Windows, I’ll give it a try.

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          Also have you been able to built for M1/M2 macs?

          Oh, I forgot to reply to this. Yes, I’ve used the aarch64-apple-darwin target; it built, but I don’t have a M1/M2 laptop to actually try it out. :)

          Here is everything I’ve configured to have it build: => https://github.com/volution/z-tokens/blob/e29550aeee5f3c62a01cf11cd344cd1a83100a88/scripts/cargo-delegate.z-run#L325-L496

          I’ve used a custom container that contains the osxcross project (and the other tools for the specified targets in that script). (If you want that recipe, let me know and I’ll polish / publish it.)

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            Thanks for the osxcross pointer! That’s really awesome, I’ll check out what you’re doing 😊 I built cross builds for x86 macOS for passgen releases a while ago, but I recently tried them and they were broken, so I guess I’ll have try to debug it somehow. Looks like osxcross can help me out a lot.

            Also, if you need someone to try Darwin builds, you can always ping me, I can test stuff on my M2 macbook!

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      Writing a blog post about a small programming language I created.

      Cooking more things in our new air fryer (the hype is true, so far).

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        What have you tried so far? We have one recently gifted in a box by the TV :)

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          Broccoli is amazing. Any vegetable really. We only use the oven for things that don’t fit e.g. pizza. The air fryer is twice as fast and “better”.

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          We got an air fryer about a year ago. French fries are great. Likewise hash browns, sweet potato fries, and breakfast potatoes. Baked potatoes works too. Pork sausages, on the other hand, was not a success: they went in the bin uneaten.

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      Lots of annoying non-writing things that I need to do to publish my book about Janet. Switching from Hugo to a custom build system, improving the syntax highlighting, autogenerating the table of contents instead of manually keeping it in sync… dumb things like that I’ve been putting off for a while.

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        What is Janet? As a technical book (wannabe?) author myself I am curious as to how other people do their thing!

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          Indeed, the programming language. It’s such a niche language that there are very few syntax highlighters for it, so I had to write one – or, really, extend one that I had written a while ago to actually cover the whole language. The book features a lot of repl sessions as well, so I did some stuff to highlight those correctly… obviously none of that was necessary, but I think most programmers are used to looking at color, so it’ll make it easier to read.

          When I started writing this book I just opened a text editor and started going, and used Hugo to generate the website because I had used it before. But Hugo is incredibly inflexible, so I knew I’d have to replace it at some point, and I managed to put that off that until the book was ~80% written. So now I’m using redo to build it directly with a hacked together mdast parser – JavaScript is not my first choice, but I wrote the syntax highlighter as a CodeMirror extension (because the book includes a repl) so using JS lets me re-use the same parser to highlight the code snippets in the book.

          Anyway, all that work is behind me now, so I can get back to actually finishing the book!

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            nice, from one (putative) author to another good luck! I do think the key is keeping on with the grind.

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          Not OP, but i’d guess https://janet-lang.org/

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      Lots of things happening:

      • My nephew’s 3rd birthday
      • Preparing for my first semester back at college (decided to get a second degree, this time in French because why not)
      • Preparing for my wife to start clinical rotations as part of her nursing program
      • Preparing to start a new job in a week

      So I’m gonna…try to relax. :)

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      Working on my novel, enjoying a few beers, reading some SETI papers, possibly building a lego Saturn V.

      Using my savings from the past few years to take some time out away from work, so it’s pretty much the same as what I’m doing during the week.

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        Do you have a particular interest in SETI? What areas? I’ve been peripherally watching the radio astronomy techniques used in SETI searches.

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          I’ve more than a passing interest in SETA, as I think it’s the most promising area of SETI. If we’re going to discover intelligence out there, I think it’ll be either long dead or far more advanced than us, and the best way of detecting either is going to be massive artifacts that either outlive their creators or outshine anything that we could produce today.

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      1. Cleaning up the house
      2. Work on some user flows for the Appsmith website, as well as go over our docs site.
      3. Spend an hour in the gym (sigh)
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      Finishing up the first of several blog posts on how my shell pipeline synthesizer (synsh.dev) works.

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      Going to study AWS, I am determined to get the Cloud Practitioner certificate in this month.

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      Burnout kinda crept up on me this fall. Emerging, slowly.

      Just started the third season of Sex Education last night, so we might ~binge some more of that.

      I’m mostly done creating a nix flake for my bash prompt git status plugin (https://github.com/abathur/lilgit), so hopefully I’ll finish updating the readme with flake-compatible instructions. :)

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      Just finished (and started today) adding casting support for primitive types to my compiler, parse -> dep tree -> typecheck and code gen -> emit. whole thang, was fun.

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      I’m leaving for Chicago Sunday morning to visit extended family and sight see for a week. We have a whole itinerary of museums and tourist attractions to see. I’m particularly looking forward to the Art Institute, the Lego exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Shedd Aquarium.

      Today I’m ttying up loose ends before I leave, and trying to wrap my mind around Hashlife by translating the code in this artcle into Common Lisp.

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      Implementing window-based database searches for my open source intelligence aggregator so that I can see if sentiment for a certain notification rule has breached a predefined threshold, so this can be used as an input to my algorithmic trading bot to prohibit trading of securities where the sentiment about them has dropped sharply.

      I’ve already implemented basic notification rules where a user can be notified if a keyword is mentioned online, but it only works for single messages, as new data is ingested. This would run a scheduled search on a predefined search window at a given interval, running aggregations on sentiment to get the average for the window, and returning that via a webhook.

      As a sidenote, using a ticketing system for my personal projects has been a gamechanger. Not only do I manage to stay on task and avoid doing useless things, doing work at my job has become more enjoyable as the process is the same as what I do for projects I’m doing only for myself (and am as a a result much more passionate about).

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        What ticketing system do you personally use?

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          Taiga, my instance is public if you want to see how it looks: https://t.zm.is/project/fisk/kanban

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      Figuring out terminals, shells and ssh and blogging about it: https://j11g.com/2023/01/14/i-dont-understand-terminals-shells-and-ssh/

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      Watching the snooker - Masters at Alexander Palace. Continuing to keep hitting my exercise & move goals daily, going out for a half hour walk with a podcast if I’ve nothing else active in the day is a habit I’ve started recently that seems to be working for me.

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      Hit 400 pages in my book this weekend :) https://fosstodon.org/@ljs/109690264304091663