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      Will be keeping my eye on this for sure.

      If I could replace GitHub in a way the rest of the world is OK with, that’d be freaking awesome.

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        My primary uses of GitHub are mostly git-independent: pretty diffs, easy history tracing and blaming across branches with a single click, etc. Are there any good (pretty) tools I can run locally for these things without running a full web+git service?

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          Some tools I use in OSX:

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            I use Meld for all local diff work. It’s cross platform and has native Git support. Git also supports it as a difftool out of the box.



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              I use these tools to accomplish those:

              • Tower (paid) – A general Git GUI for OS X. It makes it easy to view diffs and history (though it lacks GitHub’s syntax-highlighted diffs). It can also do blaming of any version of a file, though it takes multiple clicks.
              • fugitive Vim plugin (free and open-source) – you can easily view a blame of the current version of the file by running :Gblame.
              • P4Merge (free) – for viewing three-way diffs, and editing the merged version. Part of the Perforce VCS, but you can install and run it standalone. Cross-platform.
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                Pretty much the same, but also for the very nice community there is around pull requests.

                This is what I use locally for the nice history navigation, commit history, etc. http://jonas.nitro.dk/tig/

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              git tag?