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    I’ve been using them for a while to do all of our docker builds. For public projects it’s free and it’s great if you want to run your agent on premises. CI/CD pipelines setup is easy, web console is nice and itegrates well with slack. Highly recommend them.

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      Not sure what this post is referencing, but want to throw in another +1 for Buildkite. When I was at Airbnb we evaluated many, many vendors and open-source projects for CI (Travis, Circle, small startups like Solano, OSS like Jenkins, Kochiku and others, etc), eventually building our own in anger; when Buildkite finally came around, they were the only company able to reliably handle the scale of our largest projects and we finally began retiring our custom CI.

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        We started using Buildkite in 2014, and I have only good things to say about it. I remember we jokingly called it Keith-as-a-service around the office in the beginning because Keith, their CTO, would always go above in beyond in helping us with any issues we had.

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          These folks are the best. I can’t recommend them enough for setting up CI/CD workflows. When I was at Zenefits we migrated from CircleCI to Buildkite and it was probably the only good decision ever made at that company.

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            We use buildkite for CI where I work at Culture Amp—it’s been a really really fantastic service and I’d highly recommend it.

            We use it for builds and deployment and one great thing is it’s got some great options for autoscaling the number of build agents so you’re only paying for the resources you need.

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              AFAIK there’s still the issue with read-only access for public builds which I’d regard as a blocker for public project usage https://github.com/buildkite/feedback/issues/137

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                  I’m really glad you pointed this out as I’ve been planning on transitioning some of the Pony CI over to buildkite and it would have sucked when I found out about this.

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                    Apparently they’ve now fixed this, as per @j605’s link below, and the ticket has now been closed out as I’ve pointed this out to upstream.

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                  I’m not affiliated in any way, just saw rails uses them for their builds, looked it up and found it quite interesting (pricing and feature wise) (I’m probably late to the party)