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    Inside Bill's Brain historical twitter.com

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    Curious why this is downvoted? He is one of the most powerful and accomplished programmers in the world, and opening himself up big time. I think this along deserves big kudos, and I’m very much looking forward to watching it.

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      Because it’s an ad for a film focusing on his personality and philanthropy; there’s zero mention of programming. Even if there was any topical material, a trailer isn’t really designed to learn from or prompt new discussion. We’d likely just rehash old arguments about him or Microsoft’s business practices.

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        But he’s a talented programmer who started the current largest software company (and company generally by market cap) in the world. So surely there are aspects of his personality and habits that can shed light on how and why he has done the things he has done. Any programmer looking to make an impact should probably watch this.

        Disclosure: I used to work at MS, but I have mixed feelings about MS and BG, due to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Letter_to_Hobbyists, https://www.theregister.co.uk/2001/06/02/ballmer_linux_is_a_cancer/, and http://techrights.org/2009/06/25/bill-gates-office-patents/

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          No one has denied he was a programmer. I’m saying that this is not about the programs he wrote, or the way he wrote programs, or the effects of those programs, or the business selling those programs, or the career that followed, it’s about what he’s up to after that business. That’s a lot of steps away from topicality, and then there’s one more giant leap away because this is an ad, it’s not even the mini-series itself. Notice that none of the justifications you gave pointed to content present in this link. It’s like the joke about how La Croix flavors aren’t even flavors.

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            I guess I find it interesting and relevant, as someone who is always on the lookout for ways to improve my programming ability. Does knowing what BillG’s favorite food is help me become a better programmer? It turns out, no, but I didn’t know that prior to seeing this. (If he had said “bran muffins” instead of “Hamburgers”, perhaps I’d look into it more).

            I don’t care whether or not people check it out, I just want to register my surprise that it’s being downvoted. An analogy would be if this were a forum about basketball and people were downvoting an official autodocumentary from Michael Jordan because it might be only 20% about basketball.

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              It’s not downvoted because it’s about Bill Gates, it’s downvoted because it’s an ad. See my other comment here: https://lobste.rs/s/3fxyl0/inside_bill_s_brain#c_okluxr

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            If you want that, watch Pirates of Silicon Valley. It’s the only movie Wozniak endorses as accurate about the personalities and nature of what they were doing. Even if, as always, the specifics weren’t all right.

            Give you a nice head start, anyway.

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            Thanks for explaining. There are a number of mentions related to programming, even in this short clip, btw.

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            I flagged this because it’s a twitter link, he’s promoting something about himself, and I don’t care what Bill Gates’ favorite animal is.

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              I disagree, but like that you explained why. :)

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              I flagged this just before going to bed.

              I’m trying to be more open and transparent in my flagging of late, so here’s my explanation.

              It’s an ad for an ad for an ad.

              First ad: new content on Netflix.

              Next ad: billg is on Twitter!

              Third ad: a trailer for a show - which is an ad per definition.

              Relevant link for this particular piece of content (the Netflix show):

              • a review - either by a knowledgeable insider, or a good TV reviewer, or just a crustacean
              • something from Netflix that explains a bit more about this - who’s directing, what kind of access they have, what other stuff have they done. There’s docs and there’s docs - some are investigative journalism, some are corporate puff-pieces
              • the actual show itself (“There’s a documentary about Bill Gates on Netflix. I’ve watched it, and I think it would be a good watch for others on this site)

              [Bill Gates] is one of the most powerful and accomplished programmers in the world

              He’s a very successful businessman who also has deep technical and commercial knowledge and instincts. The company and products he’s helped make have made a lasting impression - not always positive! - on the world, and on the free software/open source community. See for example this discussion which shows that distrust of MSFT is still deeply felt, and that many associate Bill Gates with it.

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                Good point. A text link with more information that also included the video would be more appropriate.