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      I’m impressed with the difference in productive engagement Discord’s done for them. I feel other projects might break down in similar ways and realize they might be missing out. (It’s hard for me to say this as a long-time IRC user, but I also realize what way the wind blows…)

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        A big part of that comes from the fact that the SerenityOS Discord is extremely focused towards the development of SerenityOS and SerenityOS only. There is an off-topic channel, however even in there engaging in controversial topics like politics or religion is not permitted. The server is maintained as a place for development talk, and that’s how high productivity is achieved. It’s unlike any other Discord server in there.

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          Yeah, my experience moderating guilds has been mixed; one is just overrun with children and I’ve been tempted to write it off as a lost cause, the other is mostly focused on a specific topic and mostly remains focused; no worse than the average IRC channel though.

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        I am not surprised to hear they were inspired by a Zig discord — they tend to be extremely productive places, a surprisingly (to me) good fit for programming projects, concerns about open clients and such aside.

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      Cool read. Serenity is such an interesting and inspiring project to follow.

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      This was a very inspiring read. Quite happy to see how welcoming that community is and the personal skill growth Linus experienced while working with them.