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    I see Firefox is getting into the completely useless landing page business as well.

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      Sadly this is true. I didn’t even know that it could autofill passwords in Android until I installed it. This app does exactly what I needed, but I had no idea from the landing page.

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      Is there a reason to consider this instead of something like 1Password or Bitwarden? I read the FAQ and it seems like it is the same except tied to Firefox.

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        Dunno about their offerings, but what I personally like, about lockbox is that it’s got super friendly ux (caters for simplicity of use rather than us nerds :-)). I already use Firefox Sync on all my devices but the Android autofill API allows using it for apps too.

        Lockbox is also free of charge, free software and encrypts data on the client, not in the cloud.

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          If I follow correctly, you are saying its encrypted at the client and then sync’d to the cloud. Correct?

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          1Password or Bitwarden

          Those are proprietary, and I would assume the Lockbox thing isn’t?

          1Password is proprietary, bitwarden isn’t. oops.

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            Bitwarden is open source:


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              […] Bitwarden

              Those are proprietary, […]


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                Well, ok, one of them is then.

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                  Have to say, my experience of Bitwarden has been nothing but positive. Much prefer to alternatives like lastpass

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            iOS version has existed for a while now but the Android version came out today.

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              Does this also generate passwords? Quick look through the faq looks like no.

              Which is a shame, because people who don’t use managers use shitty passwords they’ll remember anyway, so why would they go through all this trouble?

              Convincing them can’t be easy, but I wouldn’t even recommend a solution that doesn’t replace bad passwords with good ones.

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                Yeah, it also doesn’t save passwords yet. Lockbox is still pretty slim and minimal. I’d personally expect both of these features in a v2

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                  How can it be a password manager and not save passwords? isn’t that like the entire point of a password manager, to save a password for later use?

                  I must be missing something here.

                  Otherwise I agree, generating passwords is definitely important.

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                    This is synced with your Firefox account (assuming you save and sync your passwords on Firefox). You can save new passwords through Firefox.

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                      Oh interesting. I actually like that, it’s not like I’m signing up for new accounts on my phone anyway.

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                        Thanks. That makes way more sense.. in other words: You can’t yet add passwords from the iOS or Android apps, but can from FF.

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                  From the FAQ, it looks like the only way to add a login is to log in to the website with Firefox and let it store the login information.

                  Who wants a password manager which can only store logins related to a website? Is there enough people using Firefox who don’t have, and will never have, any passwords related to things without a website (such as a lot of games and applications)? What about that one website you use Chrome or Safari for because it doesn’t run well (or at all) in Firefox? Or is the idea to use a separate password manager for those accounts? Or are you just supposed to just use the same weak memorable password for those services?

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                    It works differently than you think. You should really give it a try.

                    Autofill on Android works in a way that apps can report which domain they talk to, which lockbox uses as hints for the autofill ui. Every input-like field also shows an lockbox button if you long-press, as long as you have set lockbox as your autofill app. Among other things, the button allows search and select through all saved passwords.

                    The Lockbox overlay happens in the active app but the credentials are only filled if the user clicks on them.

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                      That sounds like how most password managers work on iOS too, but my question wasn’t about autofilling on mobile, but adding logins for accounts which aren’t related to any website, or which are related to websites you prefer/have to to use in other browsers.