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      I think it would be very funny if a language used yeet instead of throw.

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        I’ve got git aliases set up for yeet == push and yoink == pull for this precise reason :)

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          I have discovered that you can do const c╯°□°ↄ╯ = throw in Julia, which is pretty fun :)

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        Perl has a Carp module that clucks and croaks.

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        Lolcode https://github.com/justinmeza/lolcode-spec/blob/master/v1.2/lolcode-spec-v1.2.md has not defined exceptions yet and it’s been written up before yeet was a meme, so there’s a chance for an update. If you ever wanted to YEET a BUKKIT OF YARN, now’s your chance.

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      I’m not sure about the “satire” tag; my impression is the proponents are deadly serious. You can bet I’d use it too with the number of times I’ve written return Err(something).

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        This isn’t a new phenomenon :) From http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/H/ha-ha-only-serious.html

        Indeed, the entirety of hacker culture is often perceived as ha-ha-only-serious by hackers themselves; to take it either too lightly or too seriously marks a person as an outsider, a wannabee, or in larval stage.

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        No, and it is probably for the best. yeet is just a placeholder term to prevent bikeshedding and preventing progress on a legitimate (and very cool) feature, not a serious language proposal.

        Not serious, but I love the idea of using a nonsense word to prevent bike shedding. Every time someone says “Well, I prefer…”, they can be informed that no, this isn’t the final keyword and that the final keyword will be decided after the semantics are worked out.

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        Agreed, this is a serious albeit humorous campaign. BTW you can suggest removing that tag via the “suggest” link under the headline

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        As much as I appreciate the humor, and the cleverness of the yeet placeholder to discourage bike shedding, is it worth adding special syntax to the language to save on writing a couple of parens? It definitely seems unnecessarily magical to me.

        yeet e;
        throw e;
        return Err(e);

        These are all the same, yes?

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          These are all the same, yes?

          Not really, there are fine differences. The last one wouldn’t do an .into() conversion argument, the last two only work for result, while the first two work for any try type. That is, yeet; would return None in a context of a function that evaluates to Option.

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            Sure, but couldn’t you also do None?; which is the same amount of chars as throw; and more clear?

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              I don’t have discussable opinion about this question, I can only comment on sameness :)

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      I don’t really have a say into what the Rust community decides, but I’m predicting that “yeet” as a term will age spectacularly badly. It would be like naming a keyword “groovy” in the 1970s and still have to live with it today.

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        If it’s anything like Groovy, we’ll have a mildly successful programming language named ‘yeet’, running on the JVM in about 30 years.

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          The JVM will be around in 30 years?!… wait, it probably will.

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        Yeah, it’s a good thing the field of computer programming avoided becoming saturated with neologisms from the 1970s.


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      I have so far not been motivated enough to learn Rust, despite some messing about, but if yeet gets actively adopted into the language, I’m more likely to do so by some small but real amount.

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      I’ve never heard the term “yeet” before, in any context? What is it slang for?

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        I had to look it up too. Here is my finding: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/yeet

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        according to urban dictionary to throw with force :~)

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          It originated from this video specifically.

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      Now for the pressing question - what is “yeet” in past tense? Yote?

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        Yeet / yote / yeeten - I’m totally for that version.

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