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    Neat article.

    I’m not a java programmer. I took a course in college, but that was it. So I guess I’ll ask what I feel like is the obvious question. Why aren’t tools like R8 standard practice in the java world? Or better yet, why are all of those extra class paths in the jar file to start with?

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      I’m just sharing the article I saw on HN (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24279128), I don’t have much experience with Java/Kotlin other than an app I did 5+ years back.

      You could ask the author on twitter (https://twitter.com/JakeWharton/status/1297928840128475138)

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      I feel like this needs a new term since “far .jar” doesn’t seem fitting for such a shrunk .jar file.

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        The term refers to “everything included”, it has never been about the size, so I don’t think it needs to be changed.

        You could always have 1MB fat jars or 200MB ones.

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          I’m aware of what the term refers to, my point was that the name on the surface doesn’t seem fitting for a 13 KB JAR, when you can have much larger JARs which aren’t “fat”.

          Thinking about it, the term “fat JAR” isn’t great. Perhaps “batteries included JAR” or “all inclusive JAR” would be more descriptive.