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    I’m feeling this a bit at the moment, sad i’ve recognised it in myself. But in my case its not necessarily a work environment/culture thing, it’s the circumstances around my employment. For instance right now i’ve got a contract from Nov 1st to Dec 31st which didn’t get processed until yesterday and I won’t get paid for these 2 months until near the end of Dec, there’s no contract in place for Jan 1st forward and that probably won’t be sorted out until Feb/Mar 2018 which means I won’t see pay again after this month until possibly late March. And this is what it’s like every time my 2, 4, 6 month contracts expire. Just demoralising, so instead of putting my effort into innovating on the solutions I build, i’m just sort of trudging on, writing code, not interacting as much with end-users, etc… in my case i’ve lost morale because the effort and time I put in and have been putting in isn’t reciprocated even in simple terms of just plain being reimbursed for my time in a timely manner, which psychologically manifests as me feeling like the effort i’m putting in and the things I’ve built for them just aren’t that valuable… which is bad, very bad.

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      You should find a company you can work with for a long time. And you can consider some kind of recruiting agency that would find you contract clients.

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        I have actually started looking for remote jobs at least, I might not be able to stay in the country i’m in past the next 4 months (applying for permanent residence), so finding a local job is out of the question as no one will want to hire someone who can’t guarantee they’ll be in the country in 4 months time.

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          If you’re applying for permanent residence, you’ve already got a long-term visa of some kind, right? I don’t see the problem.

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            In this case you’re only allowed to apply for permanent residence at the end of the visa. So my visa expires Jan 1st, it’s a non-extendable visa type, so if the permanent residence application is denied I have to leave the country as i’ll have no legal grounds for staying in the country.

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              Oh ok. Leave it to a government to make your life difficult, just for the sake of making your life difficult.

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        That sounds like it’s time to find different employment.

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          Yeah, wish it was that simple! This thing is all sorts of complicated, contracts/payment issues is just floor 1, you need to go up a few floors to see some real crazy.

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        This is an article written for programmers: it’s just sad, but properly targeted, marketing.

        I still have to see a HR, a manager, a CTO or even a [INSERT-YOUR-BUZZWORD-HERE] coach that fight to invest time and money on ideas that did not come from his own mind.

        In my experience, only senior highly technical people are really open to new ideas.
        Probably because they have the experience to understand them and foresee their impact.

        BTW, I’m a programmer: do you really want to impress me?
        Show me HOW you made decision makers skilled enough to distinguish a good idea from boondoggles and cool enough to avoid egotism.