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    I have NetBSD on my 164LX, but Tru64 seems “more appropriate.”

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      I’d love to have some actual Alpha hardware to play with. Shipping to NL is impossible or way too much cost sadly…

      Does your box look like this one: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=54566 ?

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        At the start of the millenium I picked up an AlphaStation that was being decommissioned by a customer and installed OpenBSD on it. It was kinda fun. The machine made a noise not unlike a jet engine when powered on.

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          Yes, that’s the board, though I put it in a very sexy Nanoxia black case and custom printed Alpha stickers for it. It’s my “pimp box.” Goes well with the fire-engine red SGI Fuel next to it.