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I picked up a little hobby thanks to the quarantine. If you followed along, I’d love to see your onigiri!

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    There’s also aseprite: https://github.com/aseprite/aseprite I’m very fond of its pixel UI.

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      Aesperite is a nice tool, however, they switched from GPL to a custom EULA sometime back. I respect their decision, but I’d rather use GIMP.

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        Oh what a shame, I thought it was still GPL’d. Thank you!

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        Thank you for the link! I had some fun making a little plant for my lobste.rs avatar :)

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          I love it! Very nice

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        As someone already mentioned, Grafx2 is the tool for any sort of hand-clicked graphics though I did some pixelart in GIMP too.

        But I’m quite sad about ways GIMP tries to chase Photoshop recently, with things like hiding 2/3 of the tools in unintuitive toolgroups.

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          I tried to do some pixel work in Gimp recently and found it a nightmare. Specifically managing an 8 bit palette in a nice way (editing a palette entry and having the image update accordingly, that sort of thing). I abandoned what I was doing and when I return to it I might fire up deluxe paint iv in an emulator, or PSP7 under wine.

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            Just going to plug EvilPixie, my own dpaint-inspired pixel editor: http://evilpixie.scumways.com/

            (There’s been a load of changes since the last release - the “layers” branch is where it’s all happening right now: https://github.com/bcampbell/evilpixie/tree/layers)

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              Looks fab, thanks! I’ll check it out

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            mtpaint while old still is nice for pixelart :)

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              My favorite artist of that kind is Gustavo Viselner https://instagram.com/pixelgustavo

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                When you’re holding a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

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                  I’ll admit, GIMP is an editing tool, not a creation tool, but it certainly does hold up for me.

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                  People doing pixel “art” generally do it in Grafx2 and not in some Photoshop clone.

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                    I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve seen a lot of people doing pixel art in both Photoshop clones and Photoshop itself.

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                      Indeed, pixel art can be made in any tool, there are plenty of fantastic artists doing it in MS Paint… The pixel art form is really great because each piece requires a lot of talent rather than a cool tool.