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    Pour one out for what could have been. I was so goddamned excited back in the day to see (what was basicly) AS3 become the new version of JS. After Microsoft almost single-handedly sunk the effort in ECMA in order to save a few bucks funding the IE team, some other department went on to re-invent most of it and call it TypeScript 5 or 10 years later. That old org chart comic with the clouds pointing pistols at each other couldn’t be more accurate.

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      Given how far JScript .NET went beyond ES3, it doesn’t really make sense for Microsoft to object to it being “too complex”. It seems like they sensed Flash had all the developer & user mindshare but none of the browser control, and if they could just stall progress for a few years, Macromedia might lose dominance. Then, taking the lead on web scripting would be easier. And indeed, Facebook barely put up a fight when Microsoft moved into the Javascript/webscripting platform with Typescript, VS Code, npm, &c.