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Code: https://github.com/danobi/prr

Could not find any developer tools / code review tags, hope vcs is ok :)

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    In the same vein, if are using Emacs, Forge (https://github.com/magit/forge) extends the incredibly well designed Magit to work with GitHub, including reviews. Documentation is quite good too: https://github.com/magit/forge.

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      Just a nitpick, but forge itself doesn’t support (most) code-review-like functionality; that’s actually handled by external packages that are usually used alongside forge, e.g. code-review.el.

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      Oh my god at last, the last thing I needed to never have to actually visit github dot com again. (To a point anyway.)

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        I think what would prevent me from using this right now is the ability to see other reviewers comments inline. Does it show comments I made via the web ui?

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          Hmm, rather than bolting on an external tool, maybe the author should submit a patch to the upstream GitHub project as this feature seems useful. /s