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    Kinda neat, but still wish MS hadn’t screwed up with Win8 and the potential for tiling window management. I’ve used i3 on Linux since 2012, both at work and home, and I don’t think I could ever go back to Mac/Win again (although I’ve heard there are some decent tiling window managers for Mac now).

    Overlapping windows were a terrible design choice (I think that was Xerox?) More tabs in unrelated applications are not the answer.

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      Tiling plus tabbing is the bee’s knees. I have to use a Mac these days and I miss the Ion window manager more than anything else from Linux.

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      This is pretty sweet, I’ll definitely be using this with PowerShell.

      Now if they would only roll-back their “let’s try and reopen every window you had open when you shutdown your computer last” feature.