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    How do you find software contract gigs? ask programming

Hi Community, What are some successful ways that you have tried to land a small software contract gig. I would love to hear your experience

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      When you say contracting gig, what do you mean? You want to be a contractor or a consultant?

      We have previously hired collaboration from upwork, with mixed success. I’d classify that as generic contracting, all those were definitely for entry level tasks. In all the other years of dealing with contractors, mostly from abroad US, results have been fairly discuraging. Perhaps because my different employers always looked for the cheapest options, and most of the time, we had to have someone full-time babysitting the code changes. Considering that cost, I kid you not, most of those, would have been better served by doing the work ourselves.

      On the other side, I’ve worked and returned recently to work for consultancies. Let me give you a brief historical perspective of how our contracts landed etc, albeit it might sound like “the rest of the fucking owl”.

      • first steps were very small, almost all by word of mouth. Very small jobs at first, keeping small servers, fixing printers, small websites, that stuff. We always went the extra mile. Often we got recommended by previous coworkers or friends of friends. Helped that our CTO is really one in a million when it comes to expertise. And that they had a good chunk of cash in the pocket to compensate the bumps.
      • after we got more and more in the cloud business. Our managed services ramped up, with a lot of IAAS, and we got a bunch of certifications and other checkboxes to qualify for competencies. With competencies, another big channel of jobs come in. Our C suites spent a lot of time working contacts.
      • Now we have people for that, and a full sales team.

      I am curious to hear from people that manage to do consulting successfully solo. I guess having a book or a successful tech blog or famous project might help. I wonder if one day I’ll have the troughput.

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      • Send an email to everyone you know telling them what you’re looking for and what services you offer. Someone will eventually reply with something
      • Network with other freelancers who do what you do. People pass around work all the time
      • Learn to think like someone who is running a business instead of just an engineer. Be a problem solver