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    To me, this just further confirms that you give someone enough data about any 1 aspect and they can likely figure out anything they want.

    Since phones, watches and soon eyeglasses(?) will have more sensors than Apollo 11, it’s unsurprising that privacy is currently dead, though I hope it gets resurrected soon.

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      Regular old phone IMUs is old hat when you can add in arrays of cameras and so on from all the goodies stuffed in an Oculus Quest 2 necessary for “inside out tracking” – it is not just about controlling your avatar. It’s not even very “safe” being in the same room as one using it - you can’t participate and you can’t be present in social VR without giving away much better biometrics than ye olde fingerprint.

      Patiently waiting for some to experience the other end of:

      When you try Virtual Reality, you become part of the system. It is very easy to forget that” Steve LaValle, Virtual Reality