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    This is the book I learned to program from — one of the early efforts to bring computers to the masses, along with Ted Nelson’s immortal Computer Lib / Dream Machines.

    “Bob Albrecht is a key figure in the early history of microcomputers. He was one of the founders of the People’s Computer Company and its associated newsletters which turned into Dr. Dobb’s Journal. He also brought the first Altair 8800 to the Homebrew Computer Club and was one of the main supporters of the effort to make Tiny BASIC a standard on many early machines.” —Wikipedia

    Plus, dig the great ‘70s cartoon on the front cover!

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      Pages 2 and 3 are missing

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        Not surprising. You usually want to number them in multiples of ten so you can add new ones in between if you need to.

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          bbc basic had the RENUMBER statement for that :)