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    this seems like a significant milestone:

    Note that this is the last version that we guarantee will build with the bootstrapping version. Future versions will require at least Idris 2 version 0.2.1.

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      Any particular reason to share this here? I don’t see anything particularly news-worthy in the release notes of this point-release.

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        Although it’s a x.y.1 release, it includes a lot of new features.

        I’ve been using the new Bits* data types to write a more accurate mysql wrapper around libmysqlclient at https://github.com/thomasdziedzic/mysql-idris2/

        Also the new :browse and :doc interpreter commands are super useful for exploration.

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          Any idea why it’s not 0.3.0 then?

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            I guess they’ve made a quick release for the Scottish Summer School on Programming Languages and Verification http://www.macs.hw.ac.uk/splv/ to get the new proof/program search heuristics in.

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          Since Idris 2 is in its infancy, the language and tools are taking massive leaps forward right now. This release adds some critical features (as mentioned by sibling comment) to the REPL and gets the IDE Mode support almost to par, if not at par with Idris 1. Really exciting, as I’m working on two projects in Idris 2 right now and have been craving better editor integration. Idris is a language that truly comes alive with the editor integration.

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            I think the more exciting part of this release is the code generation/search, specifically the :psnext and :gdnext REPL commands and their IDE mode counterparts.

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            I’m using Idris for some programming language research, I’m glad Idris2 is getting along because it’s a much faster implementation.