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    I don’t get why this is marked off-topic. The topic of right to repair is extremely relevant to everything lobste.rs is about, and this is huge progress on that front.

    But whatever.

    EDIT: It was at -1 with 3 off-topic flags when I wrote this comment. Feel free to disregard.

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      I watched this video because of your comment.

      The issue and headline here seems relevant and on-topic. The video itself has a very bad signal-to-noise ratio though, saying how he’ll work with any politician who’s willing to listen, doesn’t care about Youtube comments, how much more attention there is to the topic, how it’s not just him ranting at a camera (but this video really is him ranting at a camera)…and not much about what actually happened. And that’s because this is a tiny paragraph in a big executive order asking the FTC to draft rules (ie., the executive order does not contain any changes, it asks the FTC to make changes.)

      The flagging system obviously doesn’t express much about why people flag, but this may be an off-topic video about an on-topic issue.

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        This basically sums it up.

        A later submission with the FTC proposal would be better.

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      I find it sad that the sister bill in the UK that was just passed explicitly excludes cellphones and computers (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).

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        It’s true and it would be a good example of British humor if it wasn’t so sad.