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    It looks neat, but why does it have square brackets unshifted but parentheses shifted? English text is full of parentheses, but almost completely devoid of square brackets.

    The same goes for Lisp code, as it happens …

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      The author acknowledges the difficulty with punctuation in “The Halmak Reborn”:

      The programming punctuation is still an unsolved mystery.

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      An entire series of articles by the author regarding different keyboard layouts, and how he designed this layout: http://nikolay.rocks/categories/optimal+keyboard

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        The claim that this is optimal seems pretty bold, given that it seems very resembling to a local maximum, when comparing to things like https://github.com/kqr/qweyboard/ and other non-conventional options.

        But very impressive project and I love the simple but powerful computer vision analysis.

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          This is really cool. Any plans to design one specificaly catered to programmers?

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            I am not the creator, but I’ve found that MadRabbit has something like rockstar-layout: “In an essence this is a variation on the QGMLWY layout from the carpalx project”. I don’t think it’s ai-powered though.

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              Not OP but I have created a programmer-centric keyboard layout for MacOS that might be interesting to someone.