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    It makes me happy to see things like this succeed :-) Good for Ola**2. I’ve found that the the Django Girls Tutorial referenced in that article is much more approachable than the official one.

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      The book will build on the Django Girls tradition, with “a good dose of emoji and funny little quirks”. It is still a tutorial on how to build a Django web site, but there will be lots more material, including chapters on topics like “how a computer works” and a “connect the dots” exercise to explain HTTP requests and responses.

      The room is decorated with flowers and balloons, rather than being a “boring classroom” and they do fun things like cupcake tasting or yoga during the day.

      I’m all for inclusive education opportunities but things like this both miss the point and come off as mildly insulting to women. The idea that learning material is too hostile to women unless it contains emoji and “little quirks” assumes a kind of gender essentialism that’s dangerous. I haven’t attended a workshop so I can’t attest to the quality of the actual education, it could be great and I’m fully willing to believe that this organization is doing a lot of good, but the idea that the salient points worth reporting on have nothing to do with the technology involved clearly indicates an issue either with the program or with the reporting about it.

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        It’s interesting to see that. Rails Girls Berlin used to be like this and got a slight bit more professional over the years. They still got colorful branding at lots of space for being fun and quirky, but are not from outset.

        The cupcake tasting and yoga seems to be oddly mentioned here: it’s just that putting some effort into the self-care part of those workshops keeps them in better memory - also, doing some activity helps focusing again. It’s fun, but the serious kind.

        Also, the name - Rails Girls is struggling with having chosen a name that doesn’t address their target group (woman). This has been a known problem for quite a while. Django Girls has still followed suit, a thing that I don’t understand.

        (Context: I am president of the non-profit running Rails Girls Berlin & Hamburg, I am not organizationally involved)

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        One of the best arguments I have seen for gender diversity is the ladies are the “Canaries in the Coalmine”.

        If you have “blokes only” environment, it’s probably so toxic only “extremophile” life forms are capable of surviving.

        But do you really want to live and work in a toxic culture?

        For me the answer is a resounding NO!

        A good mix of genders (full spectrum), ethnicities, cultures…. Much nicer, much more pleasant, much more fun.