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How do you write down your log entries? Do you have a system? How long are your entries? Are you specific and add only events, not feelings and emotions? What’s your favorite medium to keep a journal? Favorite guides about keeping a journal?


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    My journal writing takes two (maybe three) forms:

    • Work journaling - these are largely todo list style writings. Things I need to do, things I need to follow up on, things I need to brainstorm about, and things I need to design/flesh out. I’ve largely moved the todo/follow-up portion of this to Omnifocus as I found it was cluttering up the space with little lists.

    • Personal journaling - I don’t so much keep a journal as much as I just write things on medium.com. These are usually things I think are interesting or I’ve spent considerable time thinking about (maybe work, maybe leisure) or howtos of something I did (e.g. configure my router to block ads).

    I find when a problem is particularly amorphous, I need to write and draw pictures. More often than not, this happens for work when I’m planning a project or designing something. The notes are often write-once/read-never as it’s a means to solidifying the idea in my head though I do occasionally come back to the notes.

    My blog entries which take a more journalistic form tend to be largely objective and goal oriented. I don’t tend to write about my feelings - not because I think they’re insignificant but rather because I haven’t felt a need to.

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      I keep a composition notebook on my nightstand. Every Sunday, I write the date in the upper right hand corner of a new page. I write whatever comes to mind. It could be about a major event from the week or a short story starting from a story prompt. I write a full page and stop. That’s what I use for catharsis.

      For day-to-day use, I keep a Field Notes notebook in my pocket and use the bullet journal system. It allows me to quickly jot down todos or ideas and, most importantly, it allows me to organize them and quickly find them again.