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So going forward on my journey through input methods. I am taking some of the most recent development here along with some of the newest.

Your comments mean the world to me i got so much valuable input the last time I posted here and the time before! I am working on putting all your ideas together and adding it here.

Hopefully this will turn into a book at some point and of course you’ll all be mentioned if you feel likek it. So if you ever wanted to be (one of the) subject(s) of a book here is your shot! :D

In the future I’ll add some code as well but frankly a combination of getting so much good feedback and computer hardware malfunctions I’ve haven’’‘t simply found the time to produce some sweet code. But it is on it’s way don’t worry.

Apart from producing a book I aim to bring back some of the best open source minded minds to loosely cooperate and put together some sort of a framework for experimenting with stuff like this. So if you have this great hardware idea you don’t have to worry about implementing OS support for 52 operating system and so forth… If you like this idea please share this so that it gets out to as many bright minds as possible!


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    Love outside-the-box things like this!

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      If you do, perhaps you’d like to subscribe to my rss feed! Or maybe you have some other prefered way of subscribing to content?

      I have lots of fun stuff comming up so shortly I think I will be done wiith a practical morse demo either that or a practical chord.

      I started on a currently very humble prediction engine. More on that here: https://github.com/TBF-RnD/alpha/blob/cleanup/odin/README.md

      Early early stage of a web demo: http://tbf-rnd.life/git/alpha/web/sympred.html Try it out with phrases that you would find in the wikipedia article on morse code. So if you type M it’ll give you o then r at the top. telecommunication or english. These sugggestions are to be put on tup along with references for practical morse. I suppose it could be applied for practical chords, but to really prove that the concept is workable I thought why not start at the deep end, which also happens to be technologically simple.

      So this will be expanded quite a lot. I intend to tie several dictionaries into at the same time. While those are tied together they will be weighted after how many hits/misses they have done. So start typing in english and switch to swedish and it’ll follow. I intend to do a quick demo on that using the textarea field above along with some other small fixes.

      A small setback is that when soldering my battery to fix charging and grounding issue I lost my headphone cable so I can’t really hack around with sound which would is sort of an disappointment. Of course spending 8 months or so solely on hacking open source have left me quite broke so please consider my patreon. Not that these issues will stop me but support will for sure make thngs happen faster!!

      Also if you have any input or want me to look into some usecase that you’d like I’d be very happy to hear you out!!