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I think we could use an accessibility tag. I’ve been using web for a lot of the accessibility articles I’ve been posting, but accessibility encompasses more than just the web, and I think it is useful to have it’s own tag. Here are some recent articles I think could use this tag:

A search for “accessibility” will get you many more results. What do y’all think?


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    I think, as part of spreading the good word about practices to help everybody benefit from software regardless of disability, this is a good move as a community.

    It’s important to help others. :)

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      I couldn’t agree more. As a partially blind user, I’m regularly dismayed at how while in some ways we’ve moved forwards, in others we’ve moved back.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go reboot to change the system font size so I can actually see the app I’m running :)

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      Good explanation, good examples, lots of upvotes, sure. I wrote the description “accessibility, assistive technology, standards”, open to improvements.

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        I saw you added it as a11y, which looks a lot like ally in the tag to my eyes. Had to hover it to figure out what it was.

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        Is accessibility a technical topic in its own right? The thing is, all the examples you gave are about web accessibility, and the interesting technical content in them is web-specific. It seems likely that the interesting technical parts of any accessibility article would be able to be tagged already, probably?

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          One argument is that it’s impossible to separate politics and technology, since technology impacts people. Having an accessibility tag would help raise awareness about issues that we might find ourselves positioned to help fix.

          That might be a weak argument here, but it seemed worth mentioning.

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            Accessibility isn’t political.

            My question is not ‘what makes accessibility interesting’ but really whether there are any accessibility articles being written that aren’t about web accessibility and have interesting technical content.

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              I would argue that since we have a security tag that is mostly for web security it makes sense to have an accessibility tag. Accessibility is a concern in all software that a user interacts with, the fact that the articles posted are about the web doesn’t mean it isn’t a concern outside of the web.


              Here are some articles that would be valid submissions to lobsters that are about accessibility and not about the web:

              EDIT 2:

              Here are some lobsters submissions I found that were about accessibility and not about the web (some are about design and others are about application development in general):