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    Open-Source games

    You missed the big one here. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind! :)

    [emulators] many of them for GameBoy, SNES, NeoGeo and other games consoles

    Much more exciting: Dolphin (GameCube/Wii), PPSSPP (PSP), RPCS3 (PS3) — and if you’re on a Radeon GPU, these can use Vulkan!

    And now, some extra things that aren’t in ports yet but might be interesting:

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      Oh right! Added. Thanks! I’m didn’t dig very deeply into the game consoles emulators. Now I see that I have to :)

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        Wow, didn’t know OpenMW worked on FreeBSD. That’s good to know. What an awesome project.

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          I wonder if Dolphin would work with a USB controller on FreeBSD, that would give me a whole new usecase for an old Juniper

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            It does. It can also directly access a USB Bluetooth dongle, which worked for my (3rd party knockoff) wiimote

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          Off-topic: is it just me or do all of the game screenshots look like they have a greyscale canvas filters applied?

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            Yes. That’s the ‘style’ of my blog. ;)

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              Might confuse people when you talk about video games working on a specific OS. To me, it didn’t look like they were working correctly…

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                If you’d like to dissuade people from gaming on FreeBSD I would leave it as-is.

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                Could you sent a PR with fnaify?

                There are also other interesting games (which I happen to maintain): eduke32 (Duke Nukem 3D), julius (Caesar 3), sdlpop (Prince of Persia).

                Other awesome games are: tome4 (IMO best roguelike there is, FOSS video engine), ja2-stracciatella (Jagged Alliance 2), chocolate-doom (Doom I & 2), dhewm3 (Doom 3), iortcw (Return to Castle Wolfenstein).