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    The kdb+ database is popular because of its wickedly fast performance, for which companies pay a premium, and Timescale is not trying to take on Kx Systems directly in this core market. In fact, company co-founders Ajay Kulkarni and Mike Freedman, who were roommates at MIT two decades ago before their paths diverged and then reconverged, tell The Next Platform that they were aiming the TimescaleDB database at machine-to-machine applications but have seen early adopters use it in a number of more traditional applications, where enterprises have added time series data to traditional databases like Oracle’s eponymous database or Microsoft SQL Server or are replacing scale out clusters running the open source Redis, Cassandra, or Riak key-value stores or their commercial variants.

    That is quite the sentence and I have no clue what it’s trying to say. “machine-to-machine”???

    They could use relational databases with SQL interfaces, which are easy to use but they don’t scale well. Or they could use NoSQL databases that scale well but were not as reliable and are harder to use.

    I’m not sure what the author is talking about her. Many NoSQL options are quite reliable and much simpler than a SQL layer.

    Good for the authors of this product but the actual content of this post felt lacking to me.