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    I’ve updated the little docker + X11 I use to run it on mac (without macports) if someone finds it of use https://github.com/deddu/nyxt-docker

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      Fantastic, perhaps we should link that on our downloads page? I think we will, as an unofficial way to install.

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        Totally up to you, I’d be honored. Please be aware that I can’t really guarantee top of the line support for the repo. I guess I can put a GitHub action to have an image pushed to the hub, and maybe a little scraper to check the latest version.

        As far as having a single standalone bundled runner, I still don’t know - I’ve to dig in the xquartz docs, and perhaps see how Inkscape did it.. open to ideas. Sadly x11docker does not support MacOS.

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          You know, I wonder if we can help you with that, we should be able to run docker on our machines and do part of the automation testing. Of course we can’t do xquartz stuff, but we COULD keep the repository up to date somehow. I’ll think about it.

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            Tbh I think the best way to deal with Mac would be to try to follow this process https://balintreczey.hu/blog/beautiful-wireshark-on-os-x-using-homebrew-and-gtk3quartz/ and have it in home brew.. docker does really seem like an extra dependency..

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          Nice! I have been close to tears trying to build this on macOS but anything that gets me away from WebKitGTK+ is a plus.

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          NYXT is fantastic in what it attempts to accomplish. I have but one question. If it quacks like Emacs then why not Elisp that already has many of these concepts and code to support them? What does CL buy you?

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            CL buys us a complete ‘batteries’ environment. It has a lot of really good APIs for multi-threading, is cross platform, cross implementation. Of course in the end it is a matter of preference, we just found CL to be more fitting for our applications.

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              Offhand, namespaces (packages in CL terms), and better concurrency.

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                Ok I’ll bite. Then why not Guile. U get all of the above as well as true to Emacs implementation of Elisp on top so pretty much all of that elisp I mentioned earlier

                I have nothing against CL tbh, but imo Nyxt appeals first and foremost to Emacs users familiar with how powerful even such limited Lisp machine can be. Which brings out the question I originally asked

                With CL at the helm I can’t decide who the target audience even is. It reminds of the Ratpoison vs StumpWM situation: we figured we’ve been mostly writing Lisp in C clothes and implementing half of Emacs so we we switched to … Common Lisp. Me: ok lets give it a try - some quicklisp whatever errors, but we muddle through and even have REPL attached over socket but code evals won’t update WM state because you need to set packages up just right and suddenly I’m ankles deep in CL ecosystem and I hardly wanted that … Emacs users may not be entirely against hacking some Elisp cause that’s what they already do. Not so with CL unless you already bought into it

                Still, I’m glad Nyxt is a thing