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Seems relevant to some of the crowd I know is here. I would have used it on e.g. https://lobste.rs/s/clzzho/edelweiss_automatic_storage_reclamation_for_distributed_programming


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    +1 on this. Lots of good distributed systems stuff on Lobsters lately, and it’d be nice to be able to follow it in a tag.

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      Especially with some of the people who have joined recently, I think adding a distributed tag would be a good idea.

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      I think that every-once-in-a-while, we should get rid of some little used tags. Just to keep the universe in balance.

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        The least used tags are:

              8         satire    Satirical writing
              8         cogsci    Cognitive Science
              7         slides    Slide deck
              7         announce  Site anouncement
              6         ipv6      IPv6
              6         job       Employment/Internship opportunities
              5         emacs     Emacs editor
              3         dotnet    C#, F#, .NET programming
              3         interview Lobsters interviews
              2         ask       Ask Lobsters
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          Curious, what happened to the lobste.rs interviews?

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            I sent out a handful of e-mails to the next-in-lines and never got responses. If someone wants to pick it up again, I’m all for it.

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              What are the next steps?

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                I just found someone to interview (going down the list of users by karma), e-mailed them the list of questions, and then sent one additional follow-up based on their initial answers.

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                  Awesome, can’t wait.

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                    Er, I meant that was my process back in the day, not that I just found someone

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                      Ah, too bad.

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                        Any chance @kb or I could take over interview duties?

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                          Sure. This is getting off-topic for this thread, so private message me and I can give you the template and notes.

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              What was it?

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                It was a series of interviews with various members of the site.

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                  Cool. Now, I know more about you. :)

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                    I felt like it was a great start to building up a community, but then the interviews stopped :/

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                Ask has the fewest number of articles because it’s the newest, but judging by the success of this weeks “What are you working on thread”, we’ll see plenty more.

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                Doh, one of the bottom 3 is one I like :)

                Too many tags is a bad thing. And the tags probably drive the submissions, since you have to find a reasonable tag for an article. The tags are really the only guidelines we have for content.

                BTW: Having a screen that shows all the tags with article counts would be cool. Maybe on the /t url (instead of the “gone fishing messag”).

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                  What should we do with old articles when we delete old tags? Maybe all of the tags should be kept, but we should mark some of them as “deprecated”. Deprecated tags will be colored differently, and won’t be available for writing new posts in.

                  Filtering poses a separate problem, because I don’t know how filtering works on lobsters. If I go to /t/tag for a tag I have filtered, can I still see it? If so, it might make sense to also hide the UI for changing your filtering options on a deprecated tag.

                  If this is the case, then if there is later on a resurgence in interest in a specific tag, we can add it in seamlessly, and users will still have their old filtering preferences, and old posts that were tagged with the (once deprecated) tag will still show up under /t/tag.

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                I think this is a great idea. distributed systems or distsys or something. Was looking for that specifically to subscribe to!

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                    When you add a new tag, can you tag the meta post with it too? I think it would be nice to tie them together. At least in the beginning, it can serve as documentation for what the tag is for.