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    Contrast with Urwid, which imposes it’s own (inflexible) paradigm. Having used it on a project, I can say that if you don’t want to use Urwid in the exact manner that it’s authors intended, you’re in for a struggle.

    Blessings seems to really grok what it means to be Pythonic: elegance and simplicity, but not at the expense of power.

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      On the other hand, do you think we’d have been able to use blessings for ncnyt? Given that it was a hackathon project (~20 hours) having cookie-cutter widgets to manipulate probably simplified a lot of the development, even if the model is very rigid.

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      This looks very similar to colorama, at least in terms of colouring.

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        All these colors should look the same, they’re all ANSI colors.

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          Yep, I mean in the manner of using a print COLOR + text.