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      Scanned the blog post - what does it even do?

      Clicked the link to the homepage - at least there was one. Only a signup form.

      Sorry, I’m out - try again next time with a website or a better text. I have no idea why I as an open source developer would need a messaging platform.

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        Thanks for the feedback. It’s a difficult idea to wrap your head around at first, but once it clicks most people have that “aha!” moment and everything’s downhill.

        We’ve debated the idea of a glossy landing page vs. a sign up form, and we haven’t really found the right answer. My personal preference is that when you go to umpyre.com you land in the app, rather than hitting a landing page. This is better for existing users IMO.

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          Sorry for the late reply, but I’m torn on this one. DigitalOcean has something like this which I hate.

          Every time I’m logged in there (not soo often) I need the Pricing page, so I need a new privacy window to get to the actual landing page because they hide the normal page from logged in users. I’m sure there are good reasons, but it doesn’t match how I use the site :P

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      It says “your data is stored locally for your privacy” and yet it requires a phone number to register? Am I the only one who sees a contradiction here?

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        The goal of the phone verification is to keep spam/bots/fake accounts off.

        We’ve thought long and hard about this, but the options are very limited. One option is to use a reference/invite system like lobste.rs, but I don’t think that’s great because it cuts out a lot of people. Another option is to use 3rd parties, another is to use captchas. Captchas have a lot of problems, and we don’t want to depend on 3rd parties.

        If you have other ideas on how to make sure accounts are good quality (i.e., real humans), while also reaching wide audiences, I’m open to suggestions.

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        Thanks for the feedback by the way, I updated the wording to be more clear. Hope you give us a shot some day.