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Query: SELECT * FROM wtkv2.rtime;

Returns 37k records. Load times:

pgAdmin3: 18sec

pgAdmin4: 7sec

Postage(3.2.13): 2sec

Whoo hoo!

Be sure to get the latest release here: https://github.com/workflowproducts/postage/releases

More details on Postage performance here: https://github.com/workflowproducts/postage/blob/master/Facts_About_Electron_Performance.md


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    I know we keep saying we have autocomplete figured out and then you try to use it and it only works half the time BUT we really did a lot of work on it and we think it’s the best one yet. Hopefully we don’t have any show-stopping problems out there. Please file an issue if we do!!! https://github.com/workflowproducts/postage/issues