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    I’ve been kind of curious about the whole thing. The game seems pretty simple: fly around and maybe fly around some more. But it was getting so much attention I figured there must be more to it. Nope.

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      I’m especially confused why people thought it would have various other features to begin with. The trailers, dev comments, previews, etc. all were pretty clear that exploring a large generative worlds was the game, and there weren’t going to be 4X elements or space-combat elements or anything like that.

      Quite a few people following it predicted these reactions though, because if you followed forum comments, various fans anticipating the game had projected all kinds of things into it that were very obviously not going to be in it, like base-building and that kind of thing, so were likely to be disappointed. See e.g. this tweet thread from last week.

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      The dev signed up with Sony who then went to work multiplying the proto-hype that existed on the game and turned it into a gigantic hype. All the signs were there, reddit/imgur posts from marketer disguising as somebody who “discovered the game and are excited”, mainstream press interviews and articles etc.

      If you never bought into the hype and looked at the game honestly, you will see it for what it really is, a low resource indie exploration game with generated worlds. It would be fine as a $10-20 indie game but because of the hype it’s priced at an AAA $60.

      Honestly the only thing exceptional about this game is the hype surrounding it. I would read an article from the mastermind behind it.