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    I’m really excited for this. I can’t wait to read the finished version.

    Here’s a little anecdote. A few months ago I saw a comment by Bob (the author of this book) on Reddit, saying that he’s currently working on a book about interpreters. That got me super excited, because I was working on my own book about interpreters! Slightly intimidated that someone, who’s already written a great book, will be releasing a book about the same topic and maybe competing with me, I contacted Bob. I told him about my book and asked him if we’re essentially writing the same book. I was unsure about keeping on working on my book, now that there’s a pro tackling the same issues and covering the same niche. His reply couldn’t have been more motivating and encouraging, even if he tried. He essentially told me that I should keep working on my book, that there’s always room for more books and that he can’t wait to read it. I still think back to that email from time to time and credit it with giving me one of the many pushes needed to finish the book.

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      Have you thought about making print copies of your book? I’ve been looking for an excuse to play around with Go, but I heavily favor the dead tree version. Either way, congrats on finishing it!

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        Yes, I plan on releasing a print version in the next couple of months. Hopefully in February. I’ll send out a message on the mailing list, as soon as I know more. The major thing that’s holding me back is creating a print-proof cover image, that has the correct size, colors, resolution, margins, etc… That’s just not my area of expertise :)

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          Please do! I just bought a digital copy after forgetting for a while, but I personally would be way more excited to shell out cash for something I can hold.

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        Wow! Inspiring.

        I’m learning Go myself, and this book really excites me.

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        I was interested in this when I first saw it, then even MORE interested when I saw it was done by Bob Nystrom, who wrote a great book on Game Programming Patterns (non-affiliate: http://a.co/aki7f6M) as well as the wren programming language (https://github.com/munificent/wren). Can’t wait to dive in to it!

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          He’s also one of the Dart programming language maintainers.

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            Other little know facts about yours truly:

            • Until surprisingly recently, I had never once heard a Taylor Swift song. (Alas, I have two daughters, so it was inevitable that the streak would be broken.)

            • I fail to finish 98.417% of projects that I start.

            • I can juggle a pretty solid Mill’s Mess.

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              I fail to finish 98.417% of projects that I start.

              I’m still wistful about what magpie could have been ;-)

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                One of the reasons I stopped working on it was that Julia came out. Julia is a hell of a lot more mature than I would have ever been able to make Magpie and it’s astonishingly similar in terms of Ruby-ish syntax + multimethods.

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                I can juggle a pretty solid Mill’s Mess.

                But can you do it while bouncing a ball on your head?

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                  No. :(

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            Author here, though late to the party. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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              can’t wait for a physical book. Its been so long since I took my compilers course at University of Waterloo – we wrote a simplified Java. I would love to re-learn much of that knowledge again.

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