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    https://i.imgur.com/CWlLYnQ.png (minimally edited)

    The ad placement on that site is just a little north of obnoxious.

    I especially like the modal side ad that suddenly appears after about a minute.

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      Oof, that sounds annoying indeed. I did not see it - hurrah for JS blocking ;)

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        I’ve used DNS based adblocking (not pihole but the same principle) and these are the first ads I’ve seen in a while. Like…months.

        Maybe it’s time to also add addons to my browsers again…

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        It looks like they’re bespoke ads too, the author is self hosting these on his wordpress!

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          Sherlock! :-)

          That explains why these were not block. Ugh!!!

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            With Adblock can block them manually - but it’s a chore. I wonder if things like this (not the first site I see ads on, lately) means the return of old-school “affiliate” things, banners manually set up and all.

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        imho this post should be taken down (or at least flagged) because of the number of obnoxious ads.

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          Add a whole bunch more generals, and now you have a Byzantine Generals Problem

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            In some environments, it is also worth noting that you should commit the state changes to stable storage to account for process death and loss of RAM state, otherwise you’ll fail to rollback if the process handling the multi-stage saga dies.

            (You’ll also fail to rollback if you don’t have a way of picking up the orphaned states/sagas. Which is likely unless that process is also your normal flow.)