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    $(options)`deploy ${cluster}`

    Whoa, so the tag in a tagged template is an expression, rather than an ident? TIL, thanks!

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      Yes, it does! The idea of using tagged templates was taken from zx, and I think that was quite innovative!

      However, with zx, the options are set using a bunch of mutable properties like $.verbose = true, or methods like .nothrow(). Besides having to remember each of those, I found that approach to have the following problems:

      • It requires mutating global state to share options between multiple commands.
      • Lots of core child_process options are not available. Some of them are quite useful! Like detached for background processes, for example.

      So we opted to a single options binding method $(options), which works both for single commands, and multiple commands at once. There was lots of back-and-forth discussion about this, but I think it was worth it :)

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      Zx author here. Super cool! Congrats šŸŽ‰

      Iā€™m glad, zx inspired many people)

      Also nice ideas)

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        Thanks Anton! This feature was definitely inspired by zx, I was also digging through your code :)

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          I like the $() feature. At the time, antongolub@ tried to convince me to add something like this. But I refused)