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    I’ve worked at the company which developed HTSQL.

    It was used by software engineers and by (data/business) analysts.

    In my experience HTSQL was very good, especially for data exploration / creating ad-hoc reports. It is easy to pick up and very concise.

    Now the core developers of HTSQL are working on FunSQL, I’ve posted about it some days ago.

    Besides that piece of tech they have Rex Deploy — an Ansible-style database migration system — https://github.com/prometheusresearch/baseline-codebase/blob/baseline/master/src/rex.deploy/README.rst

    1. You can specify a table as a set of facts (you can even split definition into multiple facts)
    2. Easy to specify column renames
    3. Possible to put some dictionary-style data into the database as a part of migration
    4. Possible to drop down to SQL for something which isn’t supported out of the box by Rex Deploy.
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      Looks interesting! In case anyone else wants to try it out, pip install HTSQL didn’t work for me (looks like the latest pip version is from 2013 and is still using 2.7 syntax which 3.0+ versions don’t like). However, the GitHub repo was updated more recently, so I was able to clone it and pip install . successfully.