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    Good article. Just wanted to say I liked author’s format:

    • concise
    • function
    • well-filled-out example
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      Just discovered a whole bunch of neat console.X functions I never knew existed, really interesting!

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        I’m sure the main challenge is to remember all those different methods and not to fallback to console.log(‘hello’)

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          It’s funny how, despite the immaturity of JS as a language, the browser provides all kinds of tools like this in a way that’s far easier to set up than most other languages. This, the debugger, tweaking CSS on the fly, a nice REPL…

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            Great post! I find that while reading about and understanding these functions exist, I am truly awed when I see them used (well) in the wild. What are some examples where you’ve seen console functions apart from .log() being used to convey a point effectively?

            So far I’ve found https://react-select.com/creatable which tells you exactly what is happening when you interact with an element. It provides a neat way to tell a narrative and I think that’s a really good use of these functions.