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I’m curious how many people use XMPP here, so I put together a quick-and-dirty poll. The questions aren’t perfect but it’s a starting point to get a feel for how popular XMPP is ‘round these parts. No sign-in or email required, after submitting you should be able to see the results (let me know if not, I’ll fix it).

edit: Spreadsheet of responses here

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    I prefer matrix.org

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      Prosody + a couple of modules with Conversations.im and Gajim can be serious alternative to commercial offerings. End to end encrypted chats, history sync and seamless image / file sharing works as good or even better than Hangouts. I’ve been using this setup with a friend for several months and it works so surprisingly well that I’m seriously considering migrating my entire family to XMPP.

      There is also an option for running connections via Tor (both hidden service for the server and client connections) for the truly paranoid.

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        Yeah, I’ve got a big chunk of my family on XMPP and it’s been nice.

        The stragglers I SMS using JMP.chat so that I never need to leave my XMPP client :)

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          Wow, JMP.chat looks really useful. Shame it’s US/Canada only (I’m in the UK) :(

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            Feel free to join the low-volume notification list to find out when UK support is added: https://jmp.chat/sp1a/notify_signup/ The UK is likely to be the next country that https://jmp.chat/ supports.

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            JMP.chat looks very cool. Unfortunately I already have an unlimited everything plan and a number but the idea is really clever.

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              I had an unlimited everything plan, but I really love the extra freedom I get now to move across devices/plans sims/wifi when I travel or when I’m at my laptop. Ported my number to JMP and got a “tablet” data-only plan for my mobile. Not for everyone, but my wife and I love it.

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                Data-only plan… that sounds nice. I didn’t think about porting the number to JMP - that’d be convenient.

                Do you also use SIP for regular calls in JMP?

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                  I do. Works ok over LTE and fine on wifi. If you need more reliability on lower-bandwidth connections callwithus.com supports opus codec for outbound calls and you can set callerid to whatever you want.

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          We just turned off our internal Jabber server on Friday. We have moved to Mattermost, which has a number of rough edges but it has a passable iOS, Android, Web, and terminal client. It also means we can continue to manage our own infrastructure and own our own data.

          I would never use XMPP for any kind of interprocess communication; there are just too many options with less moving parts.

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            I’m using ejabberd for me and few of my friends since ~5 years. Never had a problem with it. It feels good that all communication is encrypted and goes only through trusted hosts.

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              This survey is frustrating. For example, while I don’t really use XMPP, I do maintain several server instances. Likewise, running several instances means I actually run one each of Prosody, Openfire, and ejabberd. The structure of this survey makes it hard to explain my situation (even if unusual).

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                Just realized I typo’ed. “OTP” should be “OTR”…

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                  I have a prosody XMPP server with accounts for myself and my wife. In the last year neither me or wife even once connected to it. For the first year of it’s operation I used it sparingly but was only contacted via it by a single person.

                  Honestly I think will just shut it down. All my communications happen on IRC - no one I know regularly uses XMPP.