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    Apparently somebody made an updated version of the OG guide to techno! I’m amazed! The commentary I don’t think is quite as pithy as it used to be, but the descriptions are waaaay longer and it covers stuff from the ’10s now.

    EDIT: Okay, the pith is still there…

    Drumstep is an extension of the Pendulum sound, especially since Pendulum has made some of it. But characteristic of most Drumstep is that most tracks are often split in two, with one half being a more “DnB” like sound and the other half being a more “Dubstep” sound. As if all that variety somehow makes the song better. It’s like putting both country and western influences in your soft rock song.

    Drumstep is also a genre that largely exists through remixes (one of the hallmark signatures of a trendwhore genre). No one actually sets out to make a Drumstep track, but invariably at some point a Drum n Bass producer will like a Dubstep drop enough to go “this needs a Pendulum kick” or a Dubstep producer will listen to a shitty Liquid Funk vocal track and think “I know a way to make this even shittier!” And that’s how Drumstep survives: As the b-side leftovers of dumbass cross-genre remixers.

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      I remember this old version! I must have come across that one over 10 years ago at this point, when I was first discovering electronic music. My opinion on the new one is about the same as my original reaction to the old one: it’s neat to see all of the history and relationships between genres, but I still find the judgmental tone unbearable. Let people like things!

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        What a pity, the updated version requires flash.

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          You should check out the description of Dubstep.. I don’t even dare quoting it! It’s about in the middle by height

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          Neat to see an updated version of this legendary genre map. It also reminded me to dig up the Every Noise at Once genre map based on Spotify classifications: http://everynoise.com/engenremap.html