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Happy new year!

Here’s a template:

**Company:** XXXXXX

**Company site:** XXXXX

**Position(s):** XXXXXX

**Location:** XXXXXX (please specify whether REMOTE or ONSITE)

**Description:** XXXXXX

**Tech stack:** XXXXXX

**Compensation:** Salary, equity, vacation, major benefits.

**Contact:** XXXXXX

Also, we have a LinkedIn group available for jobseekers (more info).

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    Company: Terraformation

    Company site: https://terraformation.com/

    Position(s): Engineering Manager, Senior Software Engineer (Backend), Senior Software Engineer (Mobile)

    Location: REMOTE (company is based in Hawaii on the Big Island; if you’re there, you can work onsite if you like)

    Description: Our mission is to reverse climate change by restoring the planet’s forests. We believe that native forest ecosystems are the most effective, safe, and scalable carbon capture systems on Earth. We work with partners all over the world to accelerate successful restoration projects and scale this climate solution.

    Tech stack: Backend: Kotlin, PostgreSQL, AWS. Mobile: React Native. Frontend: TypeScript, React.

    Compensation: Salary and equity depend on position. Health and dental benefits. 15 days/year PTO plus company holidays.

    Contact: Read more about the roles on our careers page and apply there.

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      I’m not in the market atm, but I am sitting on the lanai on the Big Island, and can’t help think …. man.

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      Company: Adacore

      Company site: https://www.adacore.com/

      Positions: GNU Toolchain developer, Compiler Engineer, DevSecOps developer, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, Services engineer, QA Release Engineer, Techincal Marketing Engineer

      Location: We’ve got offices in New-York, Bristol, Paris, Grenoble, Vannes, Toulouse, Tallinn and probably a few other cities that I can’t remember right now. Some of the positions can be/are remote.

      Description: AdaCore is the company behind GNAT, the Ada compiler based on GCC. We have a lot of tools that revolve around the Ada ecosystem (build systems, IDEs, formal proof systems, static analyzers…). What we build is open-source and we make money from selling support, trainings, certification…

      Tech stack: It’s very varried and depends a lot on the position. There’s Ada, C, C++, Ocaml, Python… It’s fine to apply if you don’t know Ada.

      Compensation: Depends on position and location.

      Contact: Please go through the pages dedicated to the positions that interest you :)

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        Company: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics

        Company site: https://dbhi.chop.edu

        Position(s): Bioinformatics Scientist

        Location: Remote, optionally onsite in Philadelphia

        Description: This role will work with bioinformatics scientists and software engineers to operationalize a set of pipelines used to align and annotate whole exome and genome sequencing data. This role will also collaborate with data archivists and metadata librarians to advise as a subject matter expert for genomic research data contributions into Arcus.

        Tech stack: Standard BFX tools, GATK-based pipelines using WDL, managed Cromwell on Terra and via Amazon Genomics CLI. We encourage pushing the tech forward in this space, so we encourage suggestions if you have experience with other BFX tools to expedite researchers workloads..

        Compensation: Competitive salary, vacation, retirement plan with matching, medical/dental/vision/disability/life (single or family) insurance

        Contact: The above job post to apply, or email me at ruthb@chop.edu to setup a video call to talk about the position

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          I have an friend that works there and enjoys their job! CHOP is on the top of my list for places to apply if/when I leave grad school.

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            I appreciate hearing that! I am sure I can find some paid student/intern positions if you have time in the future.

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          Company: Mozilla

          Company Site: https://www.mozilla.org/ (or rather, https://careers.mozilla.org)

          Positions: Software Engineer, Security Engineer, Engineering Manager and many more.

          Locations: Remote US or EU

          Description: Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe that open and free is better than closed and controlled. When you work at Mozilla, you give yourself a chance to make a difference in the lives of Web users everywhere. And you give us a chance to make a difference in your life every single day. Join us to work on the Web as the platform and help create more opportunity and innovation for everyone online.

          Tech Stack: Firefox is mostly C++, but not all listed positions work directly on our rendering engine.

          Compensation: Depends

          Contact: Please use the submission forms on that page.

          P.S.: I’m the mentor for this this position, which is only for full-time students in Berlin. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/careers/position/gh/3723067/ - come work with me if you know C++!

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            Company: Aftenposten

            Company site: https://ap.no

            Position(s): Junior, mid, senior developers

            Location: ONSITE Oslo, Norway

            Description: Aftenposten is the biggest subscription news service in Norway. We’re growing to take on new challenges and technology, including things like improving our news feed to provide more valuable information to readers, provide a better news experience in cities like Oslo, machine learning powered news and audio. We’re looking for devs of all experience levels to join us.

            Tech stack: TypeScript, React, Handlebars, Varnish. There is some freedom on what tech we use - so smaller side projects might use other tooling/

            Compensation: Typical Norwegian salary. There’s a shares scheme too with our parent company, Schibsted. We invest a lot into our developers and are eager to see people grow

            Contact: Either me at noah.hall@schibsted.com, or the job post

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              Compensation: Typical Norwegian salary.

              It might not be Silicon Valley level, but by this-part-of-the-world standards quite good. And a housing market to match. :-)

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                Yep, it’s definitely a comfortable life. Working with the most free press in the world, in one of the happiest countries in the world. I should also mention we are willing to help people with visa sponsorships.

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              Company: thatDot

              Company site: https://www.thatdot.com Deeper Tech Description: https://www.thatdot.com/technology

              Position(s): Distributed Systems Engineers. Mid- and Senior-levels.

              Location: REMOTE

              Description: thatDot has created the world first Streaming Graph to make interpreting high-volume data streams dramatically faster and easier [1]. After 7 years of DARPA-funded research and development with a fantastic team of engineers, it’s a significant new core infrastructure technology. Our products are used by major security companies to do real-time behavioral analysis, monitor and triage their alarms, and automate remediation of security threats.

              We’re an early-stage venture backed company, and now is a great time to join! We believe strongly that each person should get more from their job than just a paycheck! It should be interesting, provide a chance to learn new things, help advance your career, work with amazing and kind people, and be fun! A person ≠ their opinions. We value individual people who know how to disagree productively with each other so we can all learn. We deliberately cultivate a space where learning new things is the goal. Non-traditional backgrounds (i.e. non-CS degrees) are strongly encouraged; philosophy majors wanted!

              Tech stack: Tools in our stack - NOT REQUIRED if you’re willing to learn:

              • Scala. We happily use pragmatic functional programming on the JVM.
              • Akka. The Actor model is at the heart of what we do.
              • Akka Streams. Backpressure is the ideal way to approach streaming data.
              • …and the right tool for the job.

              Compensation: Salary, equity, vacation, matching 401k retirement plan, health/dental/vision insurance, and always learn interesting new things.

              Contact: contact@thatDot.com

              [1] https://www.thatdot.com/blog/linear-scaling-to-1-1-trillion-monthly-log-events-in-thatdot-connects-graph/

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                Company: Fasulye

                Company site: N/A

                Position(s): Hipster Developer

                Location: Istanbul, ONSITE

                Tech stack: Mainly Javascript but whatever it takes

                Compensation: $60K - $120K salary, %0 - %10 equity, unlimited pto

                Contact: dev@gwn.wtf


                Hello nerds! We are a couple of friends who recently founded a research & development & trading company mostly focused on crypto.

                We are already making good profits from trading & investments but have also just started building various tools, apps, smart contracts, bots and related tech to support our operations and increase our profits even more.

                And now is the time to share it with the right people.

                Our culture is an engineer & maker culture. We have some people onboard who combined possess a fair understanding of topics such as economics, statistics, investing, trading, psychology, computer science, operating systems, programming, networking, security, devops, the internet, the web, the blockchain, incentive design and tokenomics.

                I’m not disclosing the identity of our company (we have no good reason to announce our existence to the public at this time), but I’m disclosing my own identity as I realize that the target audience of this post (hopefully you) needs to know who they would be working with if they pursue this opportunity.

                I am an experienced full stack developer, a product engineer having a lot of startup experience, and a significant crypto exposure. Check out my fancy webpage (https://gwn.wtf/mortals.html) to get an idea about whether I’m the kind of guy you’d be interested in hanging out with.

                Our development philosophy is to always aim for quality and simplicity with a pragmatic touch when it comes either to the team, product, or processes. (We’re influenced by Suckless: https://suckless.org/philosophy/)

                A quality team comes before everything. We have a small team of talented generalists with a hacker attitude, a deep understanding of the “web operating system”, and a sense of humor. And we’re looking to expand this team (but not too much).

                We are not looking for the mythical full stack developer who is an expert on everything, say, ES2118, CSS, responsive design, GraphQL, AWS, Kubernetes, Solidity and shit.

                Instead we are looking for people who have a proper foundation on programming in general and the web platform, a strong intellectual curiosity, and the experience & ability to make good judgements when it comes either to technology choices, architectural choices, implementation details, analysis, prioritization, and interaction with customers (internal & external). This is what’s important. Specifics can be learned. No one cares if you know flexbox or not. Or funky sorting algorithms. Or React hooks. Or NFTs.

                Please visit https://gist.github.com/gwn/12cd1b4219ef3f526d3811df1b27c41e for the full version of this ad.

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                  Company: Ditto

                  Company site: https://www.ditto.live/

                  Position(s): Senior Software Engineer

                  Location: REMOTE, headquarters in San Francisco. Our team is spread across the globe in US, Canada, UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

                  Description: Ditto is a real-time database that runs on mobile, web, IoT, and server systems that forms peer-to-peer connections and automatically syncs data changes. Our software enables devices to synchronize data in real-time, even where the internet doesn’t reach.

                  We are looking for senior engineers passionate about Rust and distributed systems. We have no shortage of hard technical problems, such as mesh networking, replication protocols, CRDTs, and database design. Our roadmap includes many new capabilities as we expand Ditto to work in new environments from embedded systems to backends. Additional experience in any of these areas is a plus!

                  Ditto is an equal opportunity employer with people from many different cultures and countries. We celebrate diversity and are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, skillsets, and perspectives, and to providing our employees with a rewarding and inclusive work environment.

                  Tech stack: We use Rust as our primary language to build a common core - a distributed database and overlay networking stack - which we then wrap in native platform languages, like Swift/Java/JS (via WASM), through a common C FFI API. We chose Rust for its modern features, safety, and portability.

                  Compensation: Depends on experience and location. We aim to be in the top quartile for salary alongside generous company equity grants.

                  Contact: Adam Fish - adam@ditto.live. (I am not Adam but I work there; feel free to DM.)

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                    Company: Terrastruct

                    Company site: https://terrastruct.com

                    Position(s): Software Engineer

                    Location: SF ONSITE, REMOTE ok for senior (US/CAN)

                    Description: Terrastruct is a diagramming tool for software architecture. Drawing software diagrams on a general-purpose tool like LucidChart or Draw.io feels like coding on Google Docs. It has a lot of the features I don’t care about and lacks ones I wish existed. So, I built one for my needs. It focuses on things that software engineers care about, like managing complexity, autolayout algorithms that actually mimic how humans draw diagrams (not squiggly lines flying everywhere), and integrations with tools like Github and AWS.

                    Tech stack: Go, Terraform, AWS, Postgres, Redis, React, Typescript, Redux

                    Compensation: $120-$200K base. 0.2-1.5% equity.

                    Contact: https://jobs.lever.co/terrastruct/cf4eaf64-b27b-456d-b51a-7507305f597b

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                      Company: Ramp

                      Company site: https://ramp.com

                      Position(s): Multiple engineering positions

                      Location: Remote (US/Canada preferred) or on-site in NYC

                      Description: Ramp is building the world’s first finance automation platform designed to save businesses time and money. We’re proud to be NYC’s fastest growing startup with a unicorn valuation of $3.9 billion.

                      Tech stack: Backend uses Python, Elixir, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, and various AWS services. Frontend is TypeScript and React.

                      Compensation: Very competitive salary, good equity (for a Series C), unlimited PTO, 401(k), health insurance, parental leave, and various stipends for you to use with the product.

                      Contact: Apply for any position on the page or email me at asteinborn+lobsters@ramp.com.

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                        Company: Intruder

                        Company site: https://www.intruder.io/

                        Position(s): Backend Engineer, Full-Stack Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer

                        Location: Remote, UK timezone +- 2 hours. We have an office in London if you’re based there, but our engineering team is remote-first.

                        Description: We’re making cybersecurity easy. Intruder is a vulnerability scanner that continually scans your attack surface for known CVEs, configuration weaknesses, and common vulnerabilities. We focus on making security accessible to all through an easy-to-use platform and simple, understandable descriptions.

                        Tech stack: Ruby/Rails and Python/Django. Our frontend is written in Vue.js with Tailwind, and we’re starting to introduce TypeScript. Mostly running on Kubernetes.

                        Compensation: £55,000 - £70,000 (mid-level roles) or £70,000 - £90,000 (senior role). Share options included.

                        Contact: Apply through the links above, or contact me on tao.bojlen@intruder.io with any questions!

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                          Company: GaggleAMP

                          Company site: https://www.gaggleamp.com/

                          Position(s): Ruby on Rails Developer

                          Location: REMOTE, EST/EDT time zone

                          Description: GaggleAMP was the first company in the “Employee Advocacy” space and has led the field in terms of innovation and customer satisfaction. We are a fully remote development team looking to add a talented Ruby on Rails developer working EST/EDT time zone. In this role you will work on our existing codebases to improve outcomes for customers, with whom you would interface directly. Additionally, you will be part of the DevOps team ensuring our systems’ uptime. This position is perfect for developers who like to manage multiple projects at a time, enjoy direct customer interactions, and gain a sense of accomplishment from driving value through the product.

                          Tech stack: Ruby on Rails and React.js

                          Compensation: $60,000 - $90,000; Medical, dental, and vision insurance; Matching 401K

                          Contact: Applications go through the job application page.

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                            Uhm, is that lawyer proof?

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                              Sorry if i don’t get it, what do you mean by “lawyer proof”?

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                                They are probably referring to Google’s AMP service.

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                                  Oh! No, not related at all to Google or Google’s AMP technology. Gaggle defined as flock and “AMP” as the beginning of the word “amplify” :D

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                                  It sounds very similar to google AMP

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                              Company: Podaris

                              Company site: https://www.podaris.com/

                              Position(s): Fullstack Engineer, Transport Planner (Customer Success)

                              Location: London, UK (REMOTE OK)

                              Description: Podaris is a fast-growing software startup in the transport and urban planning sector, aiming to change the way the world plans its cities. Our mission is to bring together all stakeholders in the urban development process – planners, engineers, transport technology vendors, public interest groups, property developers, and more – in a shared modelling environment, where ideas can be iterated in a rapid and agile fashion. We have created a web-based collaborative transport planning platform which incorporates aspects of GIS, CAD, transport simulation, and more.

                              The platform is being used by customers around the world, from large-multinational private campus owners, to global consultancies, to local authorities and transport operators. They use Podaris for everything from bus network redesigns, to the planning of new innovative multi-billion pound fixed-infrastructure schemes.

                              Our small team makes for an inclusive, interdisciplinary, and intellectually stimulating environment. We value diversity and welcome candidates from non-traditional backgrounds. The UK/US-based team has been working remotely since before the pandemic.

                              We’re looking for both a fullstack engineer and a customer success associate with a background in public transport planning to join our growing team. You’ll be able to make a big impact, joining a small but very enthusiastic team.

                              Tech stack: Our platform is centred around a feature-rich collaborative single-page application, that is built using technologies such as Openlayers, Node.js, MongoDB, Meteor.js, and Kubernetes. Our stack includes a number of programming languages and frameworks used throughout different services, and your experience with those is less important than your expertise with modern Javascript.

                              Compensation: Depends on the role and experience, but in-line with UK norms. Share options are available.

                              Contact: Please go to the dedicated pages at https://careers.podaris.com/

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                                Company: Burb

                                Company site: https://burb.co

                                Position(s): Senior Software Engineer

                                Location: Oakland, CA, USA, but we’re fully remote

                                Description: At Burb, our mission is to build transformational community-first businesses. We’re building the Community Lifecycle Management tool that’s going to sit at the heart of those businesses, and which we hope will be the engine for community-powered growth.

                                Tech stack: APIs run in our Django app on Python 3.9, tested with Pytest; Client is written in Typescript, using React 17, tested with Cypress; Infra is Docker Containers running on AWS Elastic Container Service, backed by RDS and Elasticache, all managed via Terraform; Code is hosted and reviewed and deployed via Github

                                Compensation: $160k cash, 1% of the company in equity, unlimited vacation, 20% time to work on Open Source, Conference and education budget

                                Contact: phildini@burb.team

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                                  Company: DATATRONiQ GmbH

                                  Company site: https://datatroniq.com


                                  • Linux & Kubernetes admins
                                  • Go/C/C++ developers
                                  • React/Typescript web developers

                                  Location: Germany: Berlin, Stuttgart - ONSITE


                                  We are a small team (tech: 10) applying ML to streaming data from manufacturing machines. We provide connectors for acquiring high-res (100-10000Hz) data from PLC and other devices; we also support and manage tools for data transfer (on-prem, cloud), time-series data exploration, and training machine learning models. Our stack has open-source software in many places (storage, messages processing, and runtime (K8s)) and we self-host Gitlab + CI, but we developed everything around dashboards, meta-data/schema registry, in-stream data processing, and a number micro-services (I have read quite a bit of highly-critical sentiment - for us they work well, containers w/ standardized APIs for logging, metrics & life-cycle management) ourselves.

                                  While typically in our industry (and b2b in general) things often move a bit slower and eagerness for newer tech is rare, we are lucky since Industrial IoT is quickly leaving the trough of disillusionment and our customers expect data to really make an impact on their business (deeper insight to improve, efficiency in general) demand is very high.

                                  We are looking for people who are good with managing servers, know Linux well and want to get into Kubernetes or more experienced with it (we have been using K8s in production for two years). We are also looking for developers who like C/Go/Python/Typescript and are comfortable working in a team. We have good tools and decent development workflow (CI, container registry; regular code reviews; mostly organized issue board).

                                  Tech stack:

                                  • Kubernetes, Golang (Operators!)
                                  • Python, Scala for Data Processing and ML
                                  • Typescript, React, NodeJS/Express for Dashboard

                                  Compensation: € 50-75k, 30d vacation

                                  Contact: I am a co-founder and tech lead, just write to me directly jw (at) datatroniq.com

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                                    Company: Wellcome Trust

                                    Company Site: https://wellcome.org

                                    Position(s): Software Engineer (Python), Senior Security Engineer, Senior Software Engineer (JavaScript)

                                    Location: REMOTE (In UK), London

                                    Description: Wellcome is a politically and financially independent global charitable foundation, funded by a £38.2 billion investment portfolio.

                                    Tech Stack: Python, JavaScript, AWS, Azure

                                    Compensation: Competitive Salary per position, loads of benefits and perks, annual performance rating based bonuses

                                    Contact: See the job listings here https://wellcome.org/jobs and apply through the site

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                                      Company: Dexterity Capital

                                      Company site: https://www.dexterity.capital/

                                      Position(s): Senior Software Engineer

                                      Location: ONSITE San Francisco, Seattle. We have offices in these two places.

                                      Description: We’re a proprietary HFT fund trading crypto derivatives running market-neutral strategies. You’ll be working on making sure we collect high-quality data, supply our trading teams with good tools to trade, and doing everything that can be done to making the process of trading efficient.

                                      Tech stack: Java, AWS+Terraform.

                                      Compensation: Mostly in salary and bonus. We’re a small company (13 employees, 4 core engineers) so no engineer is just a brick in the wall, and likewise comp is easily adjusted up for the right person.

                                      Contact: roshan@dexterity.capital or go right to the Greenhouse listing.

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                                        Company: Spectrum Product Customization Platform (Pollinate, Inc.)

                                        Company site: https://www.spectrumcustomizer.com

                                        Position: Senior Frontend Developer

                                        Location: REMOTE, United States. We have an office in downtown Portland, Oregon for those that want to work hybrid or full-time on site. (It’s across from the famous Powell’s City of Books.)

                                        Description: Pollinate is a full service marketing agency. Our niche is 3D product customization, which we call Spectrum. Each Spectrum client implementation is built on top of a platform of APIs and libraries for managing things like product logic, user designs, factory specifications, print/etching output, application state, WebGL assets, active WebGL scenes, and dynamic 2D graphic content.

                                        This role is suited for someone who has demonstrated growth and curiosity throughout their career and an ability to adapt to varying requirements and project scales. It’s a two-fold leadership role. First, although you will be working in a team of peers including 3D modelers, UX designers, data engineers, and project managers, you will be the first person people outside your project team turn to when they have technical questions about it. You don’t need to know how to do everyone’s jobs, but you will need to learn how everyone’s work fits together for your project team to be successful. Secondly, we are looking for someone with deep experience in front-end development to help support some of our more junior developers. You should be comfortable both mentoring junior developers and identifying and advocating for DX improvements in the platform that make it easier for everyone to get their work done.

                                        Tech stack: Vue/Vuex, WebGL, Bitbucket Pipelines, Azure Storage/CDN, and REST APIs. The back-end is built on .NET 5 MVC running on Azure. There are a couple of newer technologies we’ll be adding to this stack shortly, but we’re not ready to post details publicly yet.

                                        Compensation: Salary DOE, 3 weeks PTO (plus add’l based on tenure), VTO, 401K w/ matching, profit sharing, health/dental/life insurance.

                                        Contact: DM me (@adamshaylor) with questions. Applications go through the job description page.

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                                          Company: Deft (formerly known as Servercentral )

                                          Company site: https://www.deft.com

                                          Position(s): Many, but in particular 2 software engineers in my team

                                          Location: chicago or remote

                                          Description: I have 2 openings in my team, but we are hiring a lot. I invite you to look at the listings. In my team I look for software engineers , senior or staff.

                                          Skill wise, we look for anything, from backend to devops, full stack or front end, datasci/eng and streams. Cloud or Unix admin or networking experience very helpful, but also service now or quite honestly anything. we are almost always remote.

                                          I’ll be honest, as consultants we work on a lot of very different things. This week I have been setting ci-cd pipelines on kube in azure, doing Kafka streams applications on a colo box in one of our DC (on-prem) and some AWS cognito and amplify. This to say, it’s a great learning opportunity and a good chance to expand your horizons. I need someone that is ready and excited about continuously learning new things.

                                          Tech stack: AWS, Azure, python, js, node, php, bash, go , Java. A bit of all the things honesty.

                                          Compensation: competitive and decent benefits. 401k matched and large personal development budget.

                                          Contact: Dre (myself, acadeddu@deft.com) for the software engineers, here’s the official site for applying https://jobs.lever.co/deft/ and you can pm me for any questions.

                                          1. 4

                                            quick addendum, for transparency, and to save us all time and disappointment: we currently can do remote hires only in those states:

                                            Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Utah

                                          2. 1

                                            Company: Bitnomial

                                            Company site: https://bitnomial.com/jobs/

                                            Positions: Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer

                                            Location: US - REMOTE

                                            Description: We’re a CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange all written in Haskell. Our first products are Bitcoin futures and options. We use ansible and terraform for our operations automation. Trading industry experience is a plus. Check out some of our open source projects at https://github.com/bitnomial

                                            Tech stack: Haskell, Typescript/React, Postgres, Ansible, Terraform, AWS

                                            Compensation: Depends on position, but these are salaried positions with equity options, 401(k) with 4% matching, and healthcare

                                            Contact: careers@bitnomial.com

                                            1. 1

                                              Company: Code Yellow BV

                                              Company site: https://www.codeyellow.nl/

                                              Position(s): Medior / Senior Front-End Developer, Medior / Senior Backend Developer, and more

                                              Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands (ONSITE) / Bydgoszcz, Poland (ONSITE)

                                              Description: We build (web / mobile) applications that streamline critical business processes. Because each application is part of a critical process, it is used intensively by thousands of employees daily. The clients range in different fields: transport, sales, health, production and telecom. The range of different fields gives insight in problems unique to those fields, but also interesting overlapping problems.

                                              Tech stack: Django, Postgres, React, Flutter, Docker, Cypress

                                              Compensation: Typical Dutch salary / profit sharing. Lunch / dinner / bike / house cleaner included.

                                              Contact: contact@codeyellow.nl or DM me

                                              1. 1

                                                Company: Kubermatic GmbH

                                                Company site: kubermatic.com

                                                Position(s): Go Software Engineers (preferably with experience in either Kubernetes, Networking, Virtualization or general Cloud-Native) and Angular Software Engineers. Additionally, SRE and DevOps Engineers. We are looking for quite a range of roles. If you are interested in everything cloud-native and Kubernetes we probably have a job for you :)

                                                Location: REMOTE: we have an office in the city centre of Hamburg if you want to work onsite but we operate on a remote-first principle and are distributed across 4 continents.

                                                Description: We are building the world’s most adaptable and autonomous software delivery platform. With Kubermatic, organizations can unleash the full power of automation to innovate and lead the digital world. Kubermatic is the leading European Kubernetes company and open-source.

                                                Tech stack: Anything cloud-native really but mostly Go and k8s

                                                Compensation: We encourage participation in the open-source community. You can contribute to other open-source projects in your working time and we sponsor any conference visit if you are a speaker. If you are not a speaker we sponsor two conferences per year. We offer flexible working hours, yoga classes and an open and trusting work environment. If you want to relocate to Germany (doesn’t have to be Hamburg) we support you with a relocation budget and administrative support.

                                                Contact: You can reach our recruiter Kara via careers@kubermatic.com

                                                1. 1

                                                  Company: Neat

                                                  Company site: https://neat.no/

                                                  Positions: Developer / Software Engineer

                                                  Location: onsite Oslo, Norway

                                                  Description: Neat creates high quality equipment for communicating over Zoom and Teams.

                                                  Tech stack: Linux. AOSP/Java/Kotlin/C++ (on devices), Google Cloud, Go (backend), Elm (frontend)

                                                  Compensation: Salary depends on position.

                                                  Contact: https://careers.neat.no/

                                                  1. 1

                                                    Company: Picnic

                                                    Company site: https://picnic.chat

                                                    Position(s): Senior Software Engineer

                                                    Location: London, UK - onsite or remote (±5h of GMT+1) - we mostly work remote, but also meet in the office for strategy/planning/workshops that make more sense in person.

                                                    Description: Our friends matter to us more than we think. The quantity and quality of our friendships has a bigger influence on health, happiness and even mortality than anything except smoking. At Picnic, we believe the platforms that house these relationships today fall seriously short. Nowhere is this more true than group chats. We’re building a next-gen social app, powered by group chat, to give friends the kind of online space they deserve.

                                                    We’re still pre-launch, so check out our about us page for more details about the product, team & funders.

                                                    Our engineering team (led by me) currently consists of 4 people, so you’ll have major impact from day one.

                                                    Tech stack:

                                                    • TypeScript everywhere
                                                    • React Native for our app, MobX (& some RxJS) for state management
                                                    • Node.js server-side with Express & RSocket servers
                                                    • PostgreSQL as our primary data store
                                                    • SQLite for on-device storage & caching
                                                    • Redis for caching & pubsub

                                                    More details and reasoning behind these choices here.

                                                    Contact: Our hiring process is described in detail on the job spec, but feel free to reach out to me directly on here or harry@picnic.ventures :)

                                                    1. 1

                                                      Company: Amperon

                                                      Company site: https://amperon.co

                                                      Position(s): Senior Application Engineer (full-stack web), Senior Data Engineer

                                                      Location: Fully remote. Application engineer position has a slight preference for being +/- 3hrs from EST

                                                      Description: Our platform involves ingesting and modeling hundreds of thousands of high-resolution smart meter timeseries and surfacing analyses and insights to our users at utilities and energy suppliers. We’re looking for a senior front-end/full stack software engineer to help us build our user facing applications.

                                                      Compensation: Salary/equity depends on position, but competitive startup comp. We offer health benefits, dental, unlimited vacation, and more.

                                                      Contact: steve@amperon.co or apply via angel.co and mention you saw the post on lobsters

                                                      1. 1

                                                        Company: Near Earth Autonomy

                                                        Company site: https://nearearth.aero

                                                        Position(s): Full Stack Web/UI Software Engineer, Sr. Robotics Engineer, more junior/general positions upcoming but not yet listed. Some experience in robotics or embedded is nice but hardly necessary. We have lots of great robotics people, now we need people to work on other parts of the product line – integration, deployment, UI, testing, simulation, etc.

                                                        Location: ONSITE in Pittsburgh, PA or Seattle, WA, USA. Remote optional but they want most people on site if possible (has its pros and cons).

                                                        Description: We make software and hardware for flying robots. This ranges from small drones that need to be able to inspect and map unknown areas both indoors and outdoors, to full-sized helicopters that need to transport cargo and passengers with no pilot in the loop. We have several partnerships with old and new aircraft manufacturers to develop our technology, and work on both civilian and military projects (nothing classified and no weapons; it turns out the military needs to move stuff around a lot). For a decent summary of recent projects in the last few years, the youtube channel hits a lot of the highlights. If you want a job that lets you see your code fly around in the air, hit us up.

                                                        Tech stack: C++, Python, ROS+Linux, Ansible and Atlassian tools, a little bit of Rust now

                                                        Compensation: Salary is good but frankly not FAANG levels. Stock options are a thing. Vacation time is modest but flexible, most people in the company have families so work-life balance is good and scheduling around random life events is typical.

                                                        Contact: Apply on the website’s career pages, or email simon.heath@nearearth.aero with questions or requests.

                                                        1. 1

                                                          Company: Truss

                                                          Company site: https://truss.works/

                                                          Position(s): Software Engineer (all levels), Senior Infrastructure Engineer

                                                          Location: Fully Remote

                                                          Description: Truss is a software consultancy that helps both private customers and government agencies

                                                          Tech stack: Depends on the client. We have used Go, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, etc. We use Terraform pretty extensively on the infrastructure side.

                                                          Compensation: Depends on the position. Truss has open salaries so each position on our jobs page has the salary range. As part of the offer process you can see the salaries of all the folks currently at Truss. Truss offers 4 weeks of vacation, unlimited sick time, matching 401(k), excellent medical coverage at very little or no cost.

                                                          Contact: To apply, please use our jobs page