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    Implementing Wordle is the new to-do app, isn’t it?

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      And, tbh, not a bad one. It’s got a lot of subtle edge cases, often pointed out in threads like this, it involves managing a slightly non-trivial amount of information, and there’s a very solid reference implementation.

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        I strongly agree. Mine was a happy observation. For some reason, this was the post that made me think “oh. It’s a thing, now.”

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          It feels like a time shed unnecessary cynicism, and it’s fun to see pleasant stories like Wordle’s. Happy observations a nice to collect.

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        I wrote my own version of 2048 when that was super popular several years ago, and I still play it today when I want to waste some time. Sometimes those projects end up being pretty fulfilling.

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          I somehow missed the whole 2048 trend. That looks fun.

          Wordle also strikes me as a very solid choice for this kind of thing.

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        I think they represent the both extremes of type safety. I use Elm at work because we care about type safety and correctness. And I would use HyperScript for fast prototyping or small projects. I didn’t know it and I liked, but I would prefer it to have a syntax similar to js instead of human language.