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Hi guys, I’ve really enjoyed the articles and discussions I’ve had on Lobsters. It’s refreshing to get more technical posts and actually coherent discussion on the frontpage.

I know many of you are Rails-centric devs and <b>I was wondering if a) you are headed to Railsconf, and b) if you’d like to have an impromptu Lobsters lunch/meetup/drinkup there</b>. I’m giving a talk (my first ever at a conference!) but I don’t know that many people in the community, and it would be nice to see some familiar (at least online) faces.

I’m getting in Sunday morning, and happy to meet up at any time. My email’s in my profile, or we can coordinate on here.

Best, Kevin


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    I’m not at Railsconf this year, but I’ll drink with you in spirit.

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      I’ll be there with a bunch of Envy Labs and Code School folks. Hopefully we’ll have a moment to chat. Sadly we all get in with a late flight on Sunday.